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Canada reaches 10,000 COVID-19 deaths

Canada hit another milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday when the death toll reached 10,000 people. Most of the deaths — more than 90 per cent — have been reported in Quebec and Ontario.

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  1. Avatar

    Out of 10,000 atleast 9000 died of old age since they in 70s and 80s

  2. Avatar

    "milestone"? !

  3. Avatar

    What a load of crap. This virus was made to control. It is no more deadly than the flu. Atleast we can still can talk about that without getting beaten…. For now…

  4. Avatar
    Communication Failure7600

    The ministry of truth keeps blocking my comments. No foul language or conspiracies. No racism or homophobia or anything else. Just a nice healthy dose of CENSORSHIP

  5. Avatar

    Trump administrator already said this virus is out of control they have given up on it trying to control it we need a true leader because the one we have now don't give a damn about the American people's and that is Donald Trump if you are rich he love you if you are poor he throwing you in the trash because he don't care about you and he will tell you who needs a leader like that we need someone like Joe Biden to get out of this that's why I'm behind Joe Biden 100%

  6. Avatar

    Everyone knows these numbers are inflated as part of a political ploy. It’s painfully obvious at this point.

  7. Avatar

    6% of those deaths were 100% covid ,the rest died of other causes but had it in there system, Stop pushing fear!

  8. Avatar

    Influenza cases have nosedived by 98% across the globe.

  9. Avatar

    I caught Covid-19 nine days ago and I need to find out where I can Order a "I survived Covid-19" Teeshirt 👕

  10. Avatar

    Sad, but CDC stats just came out
    I suggest you all look at them
    The mortality rate is 0.005%

    Flu is worse, not to mention the covid internment camps coming all across Canada just discussed in House of Commons

  11. Avatar

    2:20 Thanks for briefly presenting the most important science — More than 70% were people over 80; second wave most deaths over 70

  12. Avatar

    Yeah thanks China

  13. Avatar
    Canadian Longboarder

    Now tell us how many suicides we've hit because of these lockdowns, livelihoods lost, freedoms lost and national debt racked up. How about that.

  14. Avatar
    O'uile Jemi Martin

    10,000 people who probably would of died from any other illness

    oh no let's LOCK IT ALL UP and STAY HOME ALL DAY

  15. Avatar

    We recognize that we must do our part to help save lives by wearing a mask and staying home. Our fellow Canadians need our support as our leaders attempt the Great Reset, by obeying our beloved experts they are revealing their true colors so that we can hold them accountable for their crimes. Stay strong Canada!

  16. Avatar

    So social distancing, and masks aren’t effective

  17. Avatar

    the truth is that is only o.1111247% of 9million 700thousand, its just a flue,stop deceiving people

  18. Avatar

    wondering if these numbers are complications with COVID I would like an accurate breakdown.

  19. Avatar

    Do people actually believe your type anymore? Wouldn't trust a word you said.

  20. Avatar

    Get ready to protest the Curfews, its coming soon guys. Next will be automobile regulations.

  21. Avatar

    Reports like this are why Canadian media is losing credibility every day, and will continue to

  22. Avatar

    How many suicides? How many overdoses? How many traffic fatalities? How many heart attacks? How many from the flu?

  23. Avatar

    On the Positive side…looks like we have beaten the Flu finally. After millions of years 🙂

  24. Avatar

    Died from covid or died WITH covid? Big difference.

  25. Avatar

    Don't trust you anymore. The virus has not been isolated or purified. The PCR test we are using cannot accurately detect cover19.

  26. Avatar

    hmmmm, just so happens that Quebec and Ontario has the most socialistic mentality in Canada. Just a coincidence. NOT

  27. Avatar

    Get ready they are about to hammer us with something real. Could be covid 21 or last time the talked about a dark winter it was small pox.

  28. Avatar

    Sol glad to see in the comments that more and more people are waking up to your lies and misinformation.

  29. Avatar

    75% old. The other 25%. Pre existing health issues. All you had to do was protect the old… and ya done fu. Cked that up.!!! Criminal. INVESTIGATE THE WE SCANDAL AND THE CORRUPT LIBERALS

  30. Avatar

    How many died with Covid and not from it???? Oh wait they don't make that distinction..

  31. Avatar

    It reached 8600 deaths on July 4. We are now in a Casedemic.

  32. Avatar

    If you quit culling the old people we wouldn't have those numbers. Just saying.

  33. Avatar

    10k ? Lol compared to what ?

  34. Avatar

    no one dies of the flu this year

  35. Avatar

    What a bunch of garbage people in the comment section you all are who don't understand or do not want to understand what it is to lose someone. When you lose someone you feel empty inside for a long time. It does get better after awhile but you are never the same. People are more then a statistic on a piece of paper. They are living and breathing person. Stop thinking only of yourself. I don't care if you catch the virus but what I do care are the people you will infect because of your stupidity. You are all a bunch of spoil children with your bs.

  36. Avatar

    Let's just go to war with China 🚀🚀 💥💥

  37. Avatar

    No one believes you anymore 😂

  38. Avatar

    Thats right we need to bail out more casino's 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  39. Avatar

    all of those old people that got sent back to their old folks home by legislation

  40. Avatar

    10,000 dead people is a milestone eh. What was the last milestone? What is the next milestone?

  41. Avatar

    More fear and panic…. The body bag news just can't let it go. Little detail they must have missed… 90% in Ontario and Quebec and probably upwards of 90% of those over the age of 80 with other issues. Such a somber face on camera must be giggling when it goes off. How anyone can believe anything these cretins have to say is mind boggling. Most deaths in the provinces with the harshest lockdowns…. interesting. How can that be?

  42. Avatar

    -protect/quarantine the vulnerable and not everyone else

  43. Avatar

    Canadians only have themselves to blame for electing Our Crinimal Government.

  44. Avatar

    Not much more than the flu…..BTW how many flu deaths so far? How many covid deaths are actually flu deaths?? …..CBC ….GO TO HELL! …….YOU ARE NOT JOURNALISTS!!

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