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Canada ‘looking at all tools’ to address systemic racism in health-care system, health minister says

Asked whether the Trudeau government would consider changes to the Canada Health Act to address systemic racism in the health-care system, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said Friday the government was open to “looking at all tools,” especially those identified by Indigenous communities.

Hajdu made the comments during a joint media availability with Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller and Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett. The ministers spoke after a meeting with Indigenous community leaders about racism in the health-care system.

Miller added the federal government needs provinces to introduce systemic change to Canada’s health-care system – adding that Ottawa doesn’t have the power to reform licensing bodies on its own.

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  1. Avatar

    What a bunch of muppets

  2. Avatar

    Kinda hard to address something that doesn’t exist! 🙄

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    💗 Canada 💞💕

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    Have Trudeau put on a mask over his Blackface.

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    Maybe don't taunt mercury poisoned FN with "Thank you for your donation" when PM

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    Maybe let the Provincial governments deal with this, and quit calling everyone racist.

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    Hate breaders at work here. Yes I am talking about these Liberals.

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    systemic racism is shaming others into line ,like other will point the finger, shame on you , nobody wants to be shamed ? , WAIT A MINUTE, THATS GOVERMENT "BULLING" ON CANADIANS,,, LIBERAL PARTY SHAME ON YOU!!!!! now comply Trudeau ,he wont

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    Dismays and disasters

  10. Avatar
    individual lives matter

    Got an example of systemic racism?

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    individual lives matter

    All these hysterical leftists are just racists who feel guilty. Jist because ypu are racist doesn't mean the rest of us are.

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    You are selling A Farce!! Accusing whole country’s of racism when you know nothing about the people of these nations is Racist.

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    affirmative action is systematic racism and it's been happening for 40 years. You guys are absolutely out to lunch

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    So hows racism in china? India, Russia or maybe a middle eastern country, hell perhaps N Korea how are all their diversity and inclusiveness training working out? When people live in the most privileged era and they don't even know it.

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    Why is this argument in countries that have every creed, religion and race living under one flag? Why have this problem, but not homogenized countries? Seriously though this is political not racial….

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    The Washington Football club is no longer named the Redskins_ as today and yesterday too many, the term is deemed derogatory_ a slur directed at people.
    At what time in the future will the slurs : white, black and brown become derogatory to the people or can systemic nazism not be eradicated from our communications

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    Remember 'Blackface'?

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    Systemic racism in Canada? How and where are they going to find it? We don’t have any other problems to deal with..

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    The Liberal party is full of Tools. All liars.

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    "Tools" ..lol, yes, your government is full of them.

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    There's more than 100 gender in Cuckanada

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    Bottled Intentions

    Health care professionals are to mentally ill to solve any problem including health problems

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    geez…… shut up already. You people can't even run the GOV let alone try to control the People…it won't happen and keep your own values to yourself and I will KEEP mine .. thank you very much!!!

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    I don't know one racist just like I don't know anyone with covid

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    Somebody is being paid six-figures to come up with solutions for this “problem”

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    such bull. Trudeau should be fired for wearing blackface

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    The first place to start looking is the main stream media. They are the biggest perpetrators of hate and fear around.

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    So when did the people get to the point where they couldn't tell the difference between a male to female and a female woman? I guess critical thinking is a thing of the past.

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    Too many liberals in the healthcare system…. they are by far the most racist demographic

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    Is one measure dumping the WE scandal information blocking, serial black face wearing Prime Minister?

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    What a load of crap…….

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    We're looking at the 'tools' every day when these clowns do their 'Covid updates'

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    2 Chronicles 7 14

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    Really how Justin has 3 black faces under his belt being from Quebec and Lord they think they are better than the rest of the flock with their Distinct Society eh I can't see How that little boy and his Gov are so Racist well ya can't go no ferther eh He won the race at being RACIST over all white Serpremicest, KKK , and alike Uknow he had access to Daddy's Money or not who he knew but who he …..Uknow .

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    The only systematic racism that exists is that against the founding peoples of this nation.

    Wht people the rapidly declining demographic in this nation all while our people and culture are increasingly, implicitly or explicitly attacked, and why should we accept this? …Because they might call us mean names? If this was happening to any other group it would be labeled a genocide.

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    nothing but communist social justice nonsense. We need to root this out from our government, not inject more of it into it.

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    As a Federal Health Minister Patricia Hajdu she is USELESS, IGNORANT, NO MORALS ,


    ( Patricia Hajdu all of this you know I can back it up with proofs !!!!!!)

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    Leftists think there are racists everywhere because THEY are all racist…so technically they're right. :/

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    If I want to remove racism from Canada I going to vote for Conservative government so we go back to life before blackface leader

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    Yes, I too am looking at all the tools.

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    Look in the mirror leftist racists.
    You are beyond dishonest, you are the racists and yes, something definitely needs to be done to stop you forever.

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    All the liberal fear mongering is all about trying to distract you from all the scandals. They also have an agenda to control you also, in a major way. They are just trying to get you used to it.

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    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Look at these faces of the gov. Discusting

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    Covid existence is like Canadian systematic racism. Very real. Lol

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    Is the government going to abolish the Indian Act a d allow all Canadians to be equal under the law?

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    What the heck is „systemic racism“?? These words mean nothing when put together! Connerie!!!

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