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Canada eases border restrictions for extended families, couples to be reunited

The federal government announced changes to its COVID-19 border restrictions today providing some relief to families and couples seeking to visit loved ones.
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  1. Avatar

    This is not the time for feelings. Facts over feelings and facts say we are in no position to open the boarder.

  2. Avatar

    WHY KEEP the borders close until at least 2021

  3. Avatar

    Don't open the border, we don't want Canadians to storm gas stations, Costcos and outlet malls. Perhaps the USA should permanently close the border because you recognize who's your friend when you're in the need AND Canada is NOT! And stop Trade and military support for Canada.

  4. Avatar

    Hope Canada will open the boarder to all couples who from other countries that low risk not just USA, once they tested negative before fly

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    Being nicer to all couples from all countries, couples n families have been separated for more 6 months and don't know when can meet up, almost lost hope n feel sad everyday

  7. Avatar
    chandrang makwana

    Everyone would be suprised how many students and workers are already coming in!! Its defs in the thousands a month, and I personally know a lot of them who donot care of quarantine and also said the border officials dont even say anything. On the flip side the loved ones cannot be reunited? The govt is just after money!!

  8. Avatar

    Exemption from mandatory quarantine? Oh no, this is not a good idea.

  9. Avatar

    Canadian-American couples have to legally prove they were in a common law relationship. It won’t be easy so relax people. As for Americans coming to see their ill Canadians….nothing is wrong with that.

  10. Avatar

    I have been separated from my husband since Feb. we don’t have any play to go back to Canada. I don’t understand why people have to travel at this time.

  11. Avatar

    7.35 million cases and 208,847 dead. KEEP THE BORDER CLOSED.

  12. Avatar

    Marco Mendicino is writing a book entitled, "How To Not Be Reelected"! Stupidity is apparently alive and well in Ottawa.

  13. Avatar

    Please dont do it. America is a covid dumpster fire.

  14. Avatar
    HenryTruong Inuyasha

    What about wave 2?

  15. Avatar
    Cooking with STONE

    Lets bring in more people with Covid, some of the Decisions are really Sub-Par.

  16. Avatar

    American License Plates not Welcome, until there is a Vaccine.

  17. Avatar

    Wow, I'm predicting a sudden rise in long term cross border relationships

  18. Avatar

    I like the idea, Provided that we have provisions to isolate and not infect people in Canada.

  19. Avatar

    People who get love ones from the state don't love Canadian.

  20. Avatar

    Is this being reciprocated by the US? Can Canadians travel to US under similar circumstances? If not, why? What about property owners who havent been able to tend to their properties for over half a year! Wouldn't they be far easier to verify than notarization and simply lying about who you are dating. Could have done this at beginning of summer when cases were low, but they chose NOW at the worst time???? Makes little sense.

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