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Canada banning single-use plastics by the end of 2021

The federal government is proposing to ban single-use plastics by the end of 2021, in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Mike Le Couteur explains why some businesses – and Alberta’s government – are concerned, and whether this plan will make a difference.


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  1. Avatar

    did they just suggest a place that serves animal products as being able to also be 'enviromentally friendly ' ' hey i bought some seventh generation dish soap to help wash the needless unhealthy dead carcass grease off my dishes and some green styrofoam to pack my unsustainable grass fed humane murder cafe 'meals'' ☮♥

  2. Avatar

    Another policy that makes liberals feel good, but does no good.

  3. Avatar
    Kayleigh Hoffman Grace Martin

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  4. Avatar

    Oceans are responsible for our oxygen. The fishing industry has contributed to 50% of all the plastics in the water. Keep the damn straws for people who need them, and stop supporting the fishing industries.

  5. Avatar

    Good news…the whole world should do that

  6. Avatar

    As usual these bureaucrats need to rattle their cages and abuse shop owners into complying with more regulations and eventually as the restaurant manager said " We will have to close " these dictators do not propose alternatives nor do they want the business to survive this is just a continuation of the lock down.

  7. Avatar

    They promised to do this before but Catherine McKenna couldn't get it done. She was too busy driving 14.7km in a convoy with her security team to a gym so she could walk on the treadmill for 20mins.

  8. Avatar


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    Why not just burn the remaining plastic as well as phase out extra packaging and single use plastics.. i know it releases toxic chemicals into the air but mother nature has a beautiful way of cleaning herself and restoring balance.. planting more trees while we're at it cant hurt either.. or maybe melt the remaining plastic in some sort of facility that could filter the toxins in the air? It will take a thousand years for the plastic to decompose so why not get rid of it somehow?

  10. Avatar

    Welcome to the nightmare of the green new scheme…

  11. Avatar

    Are condoms on the list as well?

  12. Avatar

    Cigarette butts are the real enemy. Look it up.

  13. Avatar

    We need to get rid of plastics in the hospital as well right? Do that first and see how it goes.

  14. Avatar

    Real inclusive progressives would bring people together & stage a dialogue to find a solution that makes everyone happy. But to just force laws & ban legal products & activities only to inflect one certain lifestyle on everyone else is bullying, uncivilized, undemocratic & not what real progressives do. And besides, we have made great progress in biodegradable plastic. Don't bully! The more choices we have the better our democracy.

  15. Avatar

    Very cult like when u boil it all down for a so called free country

  16. Avatar

    Should not ban it . Should recycle . Ignoring it intead of educating is not a solution. Recycling can open up jobs . Many jobs .

    The problem is in manufacturing these plastics . They cant be recycled properly . Again government ignoring instead of helping .

  17. Avatar

    I'm all for using less plastic but couldn't grocery bags have been replaced with IDK hemp ones that are disposable?

  18. Avatar

    useless nonsense to promote their green laws that will destroy your life and our economy

  19. Avatar

    what about all the mask litter?? created by YOU maskholes

  20. Avatar

    How many PPE products are made of non degradable plastic?

  21. Avatar

    Anytime use their grocery bags as garbage bags?

  22. Avatar

    Since Recycle didnt work, lets try Reduce. I'm down to try it. I just hope takeouts dont turn to styofoam again, that should be banned.

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