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Canada adds 290,000 jobs in May, but unemployment rises to 13.7%

Statistics Canada reported Friday that Canada’s economy added 290,000 jobs in May after losing more than three million jobs in March and April. Power & Politics speaks to Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough, and then economists Armine Yalnizyan and Mikal Skuterud weigh in.
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  1. Avatar

    Warehouse jobs, janitorial jobs, grocery stock jobs, grunt work jobs. Go from food server to toilet cleaner. Yeah, great progress.

  2. Avatar
    Political Foolishness

    Unfortunately nobody believes what the government says anymore. That isn't a negative reflection on the people, it is on the government and those who echo their "narratives".

  3. Avatar
    SocialBounty Money Making App

    I enjoyed your video 6qOV

  4. Avatar

    Wait till they learn how many restaurants go out of business.

  5. Avatar

    Haha 290,000 ok. We believe it. I mean you guys lie about everything so this must be true..get off the screen goofs

  6. Avatar

    Jobs comming back loved ones who died will never come back

  7. Avatar

    Stop giving people money

  8. Avatar

    why she speak like that?! its weird

  9. Avatar
    Giselle Ragmac

    This means, extend the cerb!

  10. Avatar

    Better funding for long term care and daycare would both employ more women and allow more women to work in other fields because there's someone to help look after their kids / elderly relatives. We should look at the implications of adding long term care to our healthcare and, say, setting up $10/day daycare.

  11. Avatar
    Insight Curiosity.

    *290,000 are employees who were laid off during Pandemic and some of them has returned to work is not an improvement (13.7% ) in unemployment rate*.

  12. Avatar

    Really not your place

  13. Avatar
    Wink Dinkerson


  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    If lose more jobs than you gain, you're still losing jobs…

  16. Avatar
    Avery Zhao-Djokic

    A good interview with the Employment Minister, thank you

  17. Avatar

    It's a class struggle and they can spend anytime they want.

  18. Avatar

    bs you are not helping us with disabilities

  19. Avatar

    i am disabled senior and only getting 1,200 per month for food, medication, and bills

  20. Avatar

    They didn't "add" any jobs, these are people that were laid off due to our governments lack of a plan and keeping our borders open during this 'pandemic'

  21. Avatar
    patriotic canuck

    13.7% unemployment? Predictable CBC to not include the approximately 5-7% who have given up looking for work which would make Canada's unemployment rate at near 20%.

  22. Avatar
    patriotic canuck

    Let me guess. Most of those jobs are migrant workers for the summer harvests who are not even Canadian. Never believe a word the CBC says.

  23. Avatar

    they are counting panhandling as a job, thats why

  24. Avatar

    EI office is definitely hiring.

  25. Avatar

    Hiring more cops

  26. Avatar

    Jobs created by tax payers funding government programs…pat yourself on the back Liberals

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