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Can you get coronavirus twice?

A serious concern since the emergence of Covid-19 has been whether those who have had it can get it a second time – and what that means for exiting this crisis. The Guardian’s science correspondent Hannah Devlin looks at how our bodies fight coronavirus when infected, how we develop immunity and if we can get reinfected with Covid-19

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  1. Avatar

    I searched this cuz i got sick with symptoms before covid was known so i was curious but idk if i even got it then

  2. Avatar

    Aren't you bored of this yet!?

  3. Avatar

    So this is not YES or No question? I was looking for that

  4. Avatar

    Some are claiming it has 8 to 10 Strain .
    We need more research about COVID19 .

  5. Avatar
    Westley James 1st

    i think ive got it again…

  6. Avatar

    I had corona virus then my wife had it and now my brother in low, this is 7th day for him he is coughing quite a lot.
    I haven’t got infected for the 2nd time.
    We have been quarantined since 2 months stayed Together and I think the time to reinfect is past but I will text back just incase I did.
    We all had medium symptoms still it was painful 4 weeks!
    Stay home take fresh air learn yoga or meditation to keep mind in balance.
    Do your best

  7. Avatar

    I wouldn't mind chicken pox again

  8. Avatar

    Seems to me – the answer is – possibly, but probably not.

  9. Avatar

    Coronavirus kills those who r sick or weak or comprimised health wise just like every other disease virus or infection

  10. Avatar

    Very nice video, I've always said that those "reinfections" in South Korea were just false negative results so it's nice to see a video from someone who knows what they're on about confirming this 🙂

  11. Avatar

    You probably won't even know u got it.. n you can't even test for it so u dont really know.. ohh and plus you'll probably survive with it too…
    Don't let em scare any more than they already have lol

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar
    Lalkaji Bishwakarma

    If we did not use following medicine the symtom will might be come back again. Thank you.

  14. Avatar

    Just like the flu

  15. Avatar

    Well you can catch influenza more than once, they're just different strains of influenza during the flu seasons.
    I'd say it's highly likely that it's the same with covid-19 as they're both related as a coronavirus.
    It will keep returning each year, just like the flu as another strain.

  16. Avatar

    The EU loving guardian well known for there BS news reporting !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Avatar

    If you can get reinfected doesnt that make the
    lockdown pointless ?

  18. Avatar

    Seems like mostly speculation right now

  19. Avatar

    So how is a supposed Vaccine going to work if you can get infected twice. If an antibody response from an actual Covid-19 infection is not enough to guard against re-infection. How would an antibody response from a vaccine be any different 🤔

  20. Avatar

    I'm a science journalist..

    Just why the hell are we listening to her? Shes not an expert.

  21. Avatar

    Build our emmunne si system eat fresh fruit and vegetable proper hygiene

  22. Avatar
    The Alright Tank Historian

    Can you get the cold more than once?

    Yes, same answer for corona

  23. Avatar

    5 minutes of i don't know

  24. Avatar

    Stop using Zoom , Stop all chinese products

  25. Avatar

    Question is who is she?
    Is she scientist or just too much internet reader

  26. Avatar

    I predict it will be found you will never be immune to this virus, and you will be susceptible to different strains; the “coughing” strain, the “gastro” strain, and the month later “high fever strain.”

  27. Avatar

    My mom caught it a 2nd time prayers please! 😞🙏🏽😭

  28. Avatar

    Yes you can

  29. Avatar

    i had covid19 1 month ago
    but now my question is can i get covid19 again?

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