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Can white people have a valid opinion on race? | The Pledge

Nick Ferrari argues that the term “white privileged man” is being used to wrongly exclude white men from discussions about race. But do the panel agree?

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  1. Avatar

    watch as Afualence moves the goalposts.

  2. Avatar

    These people are truly holding us back from moving forward.with the positives what has been achieved on both side
    Racism is changing and the only people I hear talking about it is these media elites the same people who believed that labour would win the general election and saying our lives is so terrible
    This seems very manufactured to stop us moving in the right direction

  3. Avatar

    White people don't owe brown people money

  4. Avatar

    Downvoted for the anti-whites on the panel

  5. Avatar

    This is the most biased, goal post shifting, double talk babble I have ever witnessed.

  6. Avatar

    One person can never understand nor empathise with another person if they are of a different background. This is why languages haven't been invented yet. No one knows what a book is nor has anyone cried reading a story.

  7. Avatar

    As a middle easterner

    White privilege = a tool the establishment uses to silence the majority white population to enforce its social engineering and policy changes on the population .

    Ignorant minorities blv. It coz it sounds good to them.

    Elite privilege is real and it's in all colours not just white

  8. Avatar

    'we gotta figure out how to include whites' …. like its different than including any other humans opinion

  9. Avatar

    This was actually a well-balanced discussion.. why is everyone complaining that it is like CNN? I have no problem when both sides are represented. Oh and btw, men face harsher treatment by the criminal justice system than women, but I didn't hear that brought up.

  10. Avatar

    The millions of working class white lads the left are currently throwing under the bus and actively trying to, discredit, demean and ruin will grow up into fighting age men one day.

    That day cant come soon enough

  11. Avatar

    Dismantle the system? Why the hell should we want to do that? Especially in the name of people who couldn't build a functional society in their original societies?

  12. Avatar

    Since when was being white not a race?

  13. Avatar

    'Can white people have a valid opinion on race?'. What a disgusting anti-white question.

  14. Avatar

    Its only the West who have a problem on thier own skin. Dont drag Eastern Europe on this mentality.

  15. Avatar

    Clearly anyone can have an opinion on anything. The query sounds just a bit racist. At least I'm a free speech absolutist, ergo I'll allow it.

  16. Avatar

    Old turf kicked up again. Most people value people by their connection and the value that person provides. I hate most people equally, I have no exceptionss!

  17. Avatar

    there never happy always blame most white people don't give a dam about black people yellow people Carmel color just get on with life let's all be happy and get along

  18. Avatar

    Yet Sky news don't report the White GENOCIDE to African farmer's. Fcuk off with your Marxist agenda

  19. Avatar

    Everyone can and should comment on almost any subject !

  20. Avatar

    Speaking as white Canadian, I was completely shocked when I visited London for the first time. Nothing but white people for the most part (compared to what I'm used to anyway). The only 'hoard' of visible minorities were the the Bangladeshi's (?) working in the Indian curry restaurant.

  21. Avatar

    There is no such thing as systematic racism.

  22. Avatar

    I'm a white guy that was discriminated against during recruitment at a London university.

  23. Avatar

    Can black people have a valid opinion on race?

  24. Avatar

    Us whites need to stop pathetically trying to justify ourselves in the face of a preconceived and immoveable narrative. Instead we should be saying "We dont care". Every time we pander to those that hate and envy us we spit on the graves of our ancestors

  25. Avatar

    It’s true what he said that racism is used to often as an excuse

  26. Avatar

    Can black people have a valid opinion on race? Oh no i said it!

  27. Avatar

    5:10 "Racism is not being racist" what a plank

  28. Avatar

    5:04 "Racism is not being racist". She is actually trying to rewrite the dictionary in order to justify her argument – Jesus wept!

  29. Avatar

    What if we are clearly white but identìfy as black. What's good for the Goose etc. We can transition to black wìthout changing the colour of our skìn as do others when just by claiming they are what they say they are the rest of us have to "Put up or shut up" Contrary to most peoples belief there is only one ocean, one body of water that stretches around the the globe. likewise there is only one race, the Human race. Culturally different but definitely all humans so what are they arguing about? Now if they were of Martian origin then we could argue about racism or are they all, at their roots, common or garden misanthropes. It's cultural differences not racism, so Snap out of it.

  30. Avatar

    The indigenous tribes of the British Isles should be protected.

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