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Can Facebook clean house before the US election? | The Stream

Facebook is once more in the spotlight as a pressure group urges the social media company to combat misinformation and hate speech on its platform in the run-up to what is being widely called the most consequential US presidential election in decades.

The Real Facebook Oversight Board launched on September 30. As Trump bids for re-election against challenger Joe Biden, the group has urged action from Facebook on three key fronts – including removing posts that incite violence and banning contentious political advertisements. A Facebook spokesman criticised the group as “mostly longtime critics creating a new channel for existing criticisms.” On October 22 Facebook declared its official Oversight Board is now ready to begin accepting cases for review, following a string of delays.

In this episode of The Stream we’ll look at how the Real Facebook Oversight Board is holding Facebook to account, and ask whether the company itself is doing enough to ensure accountability and transparency as the US election draws closer.

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  1. Avatar

    "Clean house?" More censorship. Russiagate is total gaslighting. And you are part of it, Al Jazeera.

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    Updated Title:
    Can FakeBook stop the truth from coming out before the Selection of US President

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    Nope..FB ain't been cleaning.FB is acting like Doctors..

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    Time to delete Facebook

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    the fuckbook >|< i did not get a single chance every night i visit just wasting my time it is better to close that shit..^^^^^^^^

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    if fb can’t clean his house, no reason why youtube should be able to, and the same for all socials and media who houses information

  8. Avatar

    I will not stand for censorship. I had to find out about huntergate from australian television. So much for the first amendment.
    I am closing my Facebook and Twitter account. It's the only strength we have as americans. Hit them where it hurts

  9. Avatar

    They gave us fashbook right when we needed factbook.

  10. Avatar

    I was banned for supporting the libertarian party. All speech is free speech, particularly speech that you don't like.

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    More facebook censorship.

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    This Vote is not an American Vote Only, It is a Vote for the soul of the World…

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    China Joe has to go! //Keep America great ! 玩屎拜燈!

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    Dear Quran- ইসলামিক চ্যানেল


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    If Trump loses there will be much shredding of paper and dumping of laptops

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    Sanjeevan Shelmohkar

    Good morning to all jazeera tv stoff

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    Nancy Ellen Peden

    A respected naturopath has had videos taken down and a spirituality group blocked. Not politics. I will wait to see if any of this does anything. I have moved off FB.

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    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins, He was buried and resurrected on the third day.
    Believe on Him to be saved.

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    Don't agree that we should be shoving all the problems that might arise from users using Facebook back at them. Yes I think they are under-regulated, and their censorship is pretty basic compared to where it needs to be, but because people use it for this purpose or that doesn't mean Facebook is facilitating those crimes. Why not publicly decry any medium used for communication like radios or telephones?

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    Facebook invaded by Modi (fundamental Hindu) & zionist (fundamental Jewish) and they both are anti-American & anti-humanity.

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    Facebook is corrupt

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    I heard your spread fake news about NAS Daily but only on your Arabic channels.

    Very good job indeed. Your don't deserve anything.

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    Kathleen McCormick

    These people are liars. They are in favor of censorship and only want oversight that enables the Democratic Party. We don’t buy your bs anymore. You are the propagandists. We are awake. Try all you like to surpress the truth. Demexit#

    Keep siding with the “authorities” and lose your audience. You’ve lost me.

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    This place is shit

  25. Avatar

    Facebook thinks it has a non bias user base?

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    👃 "shut it down!!!"

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    আসার আলো

    Amerika election commission denger

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    Diogenis Gentil Noia

    I find it difficult!

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    Al Jazeera English

    Thanks for watching everyone. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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    Really? I think your gonna Talk about Banning Roblox next

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    It is important to maintain and follow Ethics in every functions particularly for Journalism . Trust is like a Glass mirror .If it is broken. …….

  32. Avatar

    Nothing said by Trump is the truth

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    The Orwellian newspeak is frightening. If you have a different opinion you are labeled a hater or spreader of misinformation. Oh, and by the way, how is the democracy in Qatar these days.

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    Joe jerry hat trick Biden.

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    iyi braz ig az meshi hand

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    male version of Karen

    now we know what the people in the soviet union where feeling this is total censorship bookburning practices

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    I don't understand why we can't have a real news channel and a fake news channel 🤔 some people are Wise 🤗 and the rest can enjoy the 💩 they enjoy watching 😜

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    Freedom of Speech is only a Freedom until it's No longer a Freedom to Speak.

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    I silenced Facebook years ago. They and their supporters don't get my support. They VIOLATE HUMANITIES RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS based on their own Political bias. See ya.

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    .. colossal garbage waste[s] of human flesh, including IQ45, his cartel, his followers and fake dems.

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    Why is it Caribbean leaders not coming together to condemn what is happening in Africa

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    Deepshikha gaming

    Hi iam from nepal

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