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Can Boeing and Airbus Survive? | WSJ

As the coronavirus pandemic rocks the aviation industry, two industry giants are fighting to protect their legacies. WSJ’s Jaden Urbi explains what Boeing and Airbus are doing to survive this unprecedented crisis – and how it could reshape the future of aviation. Photo Composite: George Downs

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    Investing Education

    I think so. Boeing is abt 2-3% of my portfolio

  2. Avatar

    Boeing dont deserve it
    An unscrupulous company

  3. Avatar

    The Republican mafia gave them a lot of money that was suppose to go to small business. they will survive..

  4. Avatar

    I hope not for Boeing. Let them fail. They're a greedy, sloppy company whose actions caused hundreds to die. Their executives should face criminal charges. Its silly how we keep relying on companies too big to fail – break them up and get rid of legislation that gives them unfair advantages. More regulation is needed. Like the financial sector, these people need to be regulated.

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    Umberto Fournier

    A great run down

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    8th not as early as usual

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    wanna be friends?

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    wanna be friends?

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    Female Ranger of Norrath

    Meanwhile.. yesterday. over here -> ✋
    "The Blue Angels" flew over.
    Very nice!
    Photos on Facebook.
    I didn't see them.
    But folks in Detroit, cities north of Detroit, and Ypsilanti too saw them.
    Explain that one to the airports and airlines.
    Oh boy! 👶
    The plot thickens.. 📚👀
    USA 🇺🇸

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    01:40 Actually, the 737 Max crashes were caused by the total failure of the safety, maintenance and training systems of two obscure companies, that already had abysmal safety records. Just check the preliminary investigation reports, that describe clearly (although very technical) the grave mistakes of those two companies. Everybody turned after that against Boeing, as people saw them as a cash cow, there was no money to make from two poor Indonesian and Ethiopian companies.

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