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Can Black Lives Matter protests make a difference in the ballot box this year?

Protests may impact the election, but activists say their fight for reform will press forward past November.

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    Sending virtual hugs to anyone who needs one.
    Plz check out our YouTube channel and support our family.

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    It’s not true

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    Most of the US have nothing to do with BLM. Mostly an urban phenomenon.

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    Durango McMurphy

    They will make a difference : Now EVERYONE will Vote for Trump .

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    Terrance Charles


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    If BLM makes a difference in the ballot box, then America is in sad shape.

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    BLM is a witchcraft bringing division and dark ages and no difference from KKK…BLM and KKK should be put in ring and let them fight each others in ignorance.

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    Does she have a job. Don t u work?

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    Crystal the Hermitess


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    This is *OuTr HeViN*

    BLM is pretty much a "Trojan horse" terrorist organization, being used by an even worse terrorist group "ANTIFA"

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    Trump Pence 2020! God bless Republicans!

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    Democrats! = BLM! = ANTIFA! = Biden! = Pelosi! = Wallace! … ! = liars! = rioters! = looters! = cheaters! = criminals! = America’s destroyers!

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    And let this be a reminder to all those people that are talking smack about these protesters remember if it wasn't for protesting in the United States most of you would not have the rights that you have today. Protesting is an important part of being American to make sure that there is equality to make sure that women have rights to make sure that you're not getting screwed at your job. Plenty of people protest at their jobs because they're not getting paid what they should be getting paid there's no difference between that and other protests. Protesting is how things are changed for the good. So stop hating on protesters because they're trying to make change because someday you will be in that position whether it's at a job that you're not getting paid whether it's because a child of yours has an equal rights. you may be in a position where you need to protest so just keep that in mind.

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    If the shoe was on the other foot and it was White lives matter damn right you all would be out there doing your protesting doing everything that black lives matter is doing and saying that you guys are a legit movement black lives matter is a legit movement they're trying to make change and sometimes it's not pretty sometimes you have to protest and cause a ruckus to get people to look and understand and make change because you have to get people to be fed up and want normalcy again and you want government to have enough had had enough of all the protests that they agree to make change this is how change is made in America this is how so many people have the right that they have today it's because of all the protesters in the past paved the way so they can do what they want to do today. Wasn't so long ago that a woman needed her husband to cosign for a credit card think about that

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    Black lives matter more like the actual racist group

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    None Of Your Lives Matter Wake Up.

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    BLM IS AGAINST AMERICA. We need to get rid of that organization

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    Screw the blm's stupid little commie comrade cultists revolution.

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    Yes it is vital , Nothing less .
    All Lives Matter.

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    SHUT up donald : NOT ( president )
    There an article of donald work WITH WHITE SUPREMACY.

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    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell. If you are seeking the truth of life, then read The Present Books here: https://www.globaltruthproject.com/

    It will turn our world around if enough see it. You will know what we mean. We are at the crossroads right now with a window of opportunity in the present. Which way will you go? It is now or never.

    Watch also the videos and dive down the rabbit hole here:

    There are places I'll rememberAll my life, though some have changedSome forever, not for betterSome have gone, and some remainAll these places had their momentsWith lovers and friends, I still can recallSome are dead, and some are livingIn my life, I've loved them allBut of all these friends and loversThere is no one compares with youAnd these memories lose their meaningWhen I think of love as something newThough I know I'll never lose affectionFor people and things that went beforeI know I'll often stop and think about themIn my life, I'll love you moreThough I know I'll never lose affectionFor people and things that went beforeI know I'll often stop and think about themIn my life I'll love you moreIn my life I'll love you more

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    Felons can't vote.

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    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
    And antifa and blm riots will be stopped!

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    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel.

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    I'd like to see all that energy used to help rebuild the tens of thousands of homes being lost to wildfires.

    Maybe some of that energy being used to help those losing their children to violent criminals.

    Maybe some of those cops could help stop sexual assaults that are happening instead of babysitting people who don't have mature enough minds to reconcile bad things.

    Maybe it's okay to be wrong. Maybe it's time to think that a lot more people are suffering, and the only reason you don't care about them is because they're not a part of your problem.

    People stopped listening not because they're tone deaf. We stopped listening because you don't care about anyone unless you think they're important.

    That's exactly the problem. Everyone's important, not just the few you're focused on. It's time to wake up.

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    Less than 2% of the electoral college is of African ancestry

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    Will murders rapists and thieves supported by the Democrats affect Law Abiding Citizens votes in the coming election? 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣

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    All this in the hopes of gaining victim status🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    No! They are not protesters!! They are rioters!! My motivation to give Trump my vote!!

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    Binden will forget he is running and vote for trump.

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    This racial black narrative will last as long as white America is afraid of black skin. You can expect pushback when people expect free services forever. It becomes an entitlement with them. They will use race and shame as barter.

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    YES. BLM anarchy, their symbiosis with Antifa, and the way media and Democrats have refused any comment has red-pilled tens of millions, and they are all voting Trump. So, quite a big difference.

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    No it cannot when it says f Jesus Christ

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    The day that the last supporter of Antifa and of Black Lives Matter dies will be a great day for Mankind.

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    Biden will help you make the changes. He will appreciate your help and show you how to do it right. And legally.

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    Blm is A Terrorist organization

    Blm = burn loot murder

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    Mr. Blackman. Little Whiteboy. Podcast.

    Mr. Blackman & Little Whiteboy Discuss White Pillage & BLM

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    Let’s be real , it doesn’t matter who wins this stupid election. People have the power change their own futures for better or worse , not presidents and government.

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    Welp BLM starts at home

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    I am sick to death of people trying to pretend like there aren’t legitimate reasons for racism. Not always, but they are there. I was raised not to be racist and people say racism is a learned behavior…yeah…I learned it myself from being around blacks. Black people can’t see it like everyone else because they’ve been raised that way their entire life so it’s completely normal and acceptable behavior to them that they cannot see objectively. To them it’s normal to be loud, obnoxious, confrontational, and inconsiderate. I know this is not all blacks but through countless personal experiences in several different areas/states/locations/situations I would argue that it’s most of them….especially when they’re around other blacks.

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    For Jesus Christ ALM – All Lives Matter. Everyone is a victim of sin. For God all lives are equal. God loves everyone unconditionally. Jesus Christ died and resurrected for remissions of everybody's pre-existing sin to save from eternal hell. Penalty of sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Accept HIM. Be saved from sin and eternal hell. For free.

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    Black lives matter and all lives matter …. Take a look at a video of where a black woman attacks an elder hispanic man. Search it up. .

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    America it’s getting great again

    Black live need to maga

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    Blm is a democrat run organization use to keep the black people in check, it was all a plan.

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