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Can a Smartwatch or Other Wearables Detect Covid-19 Symptoms? | WSJ

Smartwatches, smart rings and patches that gather your temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen could serve as an early detection system for Covid-19. WSJ’s Joanna Stern strapped a bunch of stuff to her body and recruited a doctor to figure it all out. Photo illustration: Laura Kammerman.

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    I even bought a vivosmart at the start of the pandemic 😂 not for this purpose though, but glad to know it could be useful in this way

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    Great informative videos!

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    Stop 🛑 trying to sell my bodies information ℹ️ and stop trying to connect us for full control. You will not sell me on it! Temp? I have a thermometer 🌡. Doesn’t say if I have covid, just where I am and why at all times!

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    It’s hard to type with an oximeter

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    Nice video. Eric Topol was certainly the right person to tell us about wereables for this time. Also, I laughed at 1:49 when she caughed using the mask upside down

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    Not enough Joanna Stern in this vid! I don't care if she's a rugmuncher, she's ridiculously funny. Thusly, she is more than welcome to my groupie-love!

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    yes wear all this and expose yourself to batteries, electromagnetic waves, and radiation

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