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Can 5G Replace Your Home Internet? | WSJ

Blazing fast 5G speeds are here but they aren’t all that useful on the new 5G smartphones. WSJ’s Joanna Stern packed up a motor home to see if the connection could power all her connected gadgets, including laptops, printers, Xboxes and camera-equipped doorbells. She explains the confusing world of 5G along the way. Photo illustration: Sharon Shi

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    In the comparison of the two different speeds one is in upload and the other in download, this can contribute to generate a difference

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    Was waiting for the video from WSJ on 5G testings!!

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    Vivek Khandelwal 2020

    5 G is a new blind battlefield

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    This is really high quality content.
    More of these please!

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    “We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.”
    Konstantin Josef Jirecek

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    i chose verizon 5g home in houston my apartment is also wired with the ability to get xfinity 2gig upload and download also but that is too expensive

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    not in your house but you need to live in this rv to use 5g

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    She showed upload vs download
    That's unfair

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    5G is like a low quality version of 2g from 2000s

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    一人独裁 全球遭灾

    for an internet test, we need know:
    download speed
    upload speed
    that's it.

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    Hi. I live in a town of 2k population….we just got internet~!

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    My home is 18mbp and i try to stream my game to twitch

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    Can living in a van replace your home?

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    My Verizon 4g has reached 220 Mbps for download 😎🔥🔥🔥

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    Actually for me stupidass Cox doesn't service my address so wireless is my best option

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    5G and Satellite Internet will make Wi-Fi obsolete in a few years

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    Have anyone delve into it's cons?

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    Or you could get a 5G capable router/AP and enjoy 400mbs+ speeds in the comfort of your home.

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    Nah 5G is like 4G and probably have a cap, home internet is unlimited

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    I live in Jersey City as well and have gotten over 100mbps download speed on 4G LTE on my iPhone 11 Pro in most parts of the city.

  23. Avatar

    how was this pitched and green lit by producers? I'm half way thru and still know: 5g is going to be way faster. great.

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    Any junk food store near by?

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    Watching this on my slow connection, irony

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    you have the best job

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    kiran kumar sukumar

    Is she downloading loads of porn or what ?. Why download so fast ?

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    jigyanshu shrivastava

    We buy new phone in every two years. For some new technologies . First it was 2g then it was 3g then it was 4g and now may be it would be 5g. Our old phones may be still working . We are buying these products because we can not upgrade our phone. What if phones come in modular pieces. Or some smartphone company could make replacement or reparing as part of their business modals.

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    Sure, you can use 5G instead of a broadband connection at home, but it's going to be CONSIDERABLY more expensive. The cell companies aren't going to give up anything for free. With 5G you could potentially use your entire data limit up in seconds then be subject to obscenely expensive overage charges.

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