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Camila Cabello – Liar

“Liar” single available at:

Find Camila Here:
Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello
Facebook: @97camilacabello
Website: www.camilacabello.com

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  1. Avatar

    Is this one of the Powerpuff girls going solo???

  2. Avatar

    no entendí nadaa alguien me explica algo

  3. Avatar

    when she did the nose scrunch 🥺

  4. Avatar

    i need fuck you Ass
    my dick is big💪

  5. Avatar

    “nnnnyyyeh! your fake tan looks RIDICULOUS!”

    best line

  6. Avatar

    صافي هادشي ليبقا لينا غير نتي الله يعفو من هاد طوندز

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    I think looks like to videos of Taylor Swift.

  9. Avatar

    It's a perfect song ! ❤
    And there is as well in a clip "Keiynan Lonsdale" alias Kid Flash in the serie tv ! ❤❤….

  10. Avatar

    One word


    I an a fan now

  11. Avatar

    Ok here me out. Yes, I had time on my hands lol.
    Ok see that birdy towards the end. Does it remind anyone of a certain bird tattooed on a certain someone and then Camila did that exact nose motion?? Anyone? Ok I’ll let you figure it out. I’ll be here.

  12. Avatar

    You know I've been waiting for this moment my whole life
    Camila : *chews food* what ?????
    Me: why is this me ??

  13. Avatar

    Who's here after you watched Shawn and Camila FISH KISS?

  14. Avatar

    OMG!That guy who spilled the drink on Camilas "fiance"WHO IS THAT?HE looks so framiluar

  15. Avatar

    Henry Rollins must be rolling in his grave! wait.. he aint dead

  16. Avatar

    This bitch is terrible! Whatever happened to talent?

  17. Avatar

    This is groundhog day, but instead its abou telling the truth?

  18. Avatar

    Camila you are the most amazing person I know I love you soo much keep doing these funny and remarkable videos you are different and I love that

  19. Avatar

    علاش هاد ديسك فطوندوس المغربي؟؟؟؟

  20. Avatar

    Moral of the story: women don’t know wtf they want😂. Fellas it’s your job to show women different options to think. ⛪️⛪️⛪️

  21. Avatar

    I'm sorry I can only acknowledge that that's Wally from flash and I wish them two would date

  22. Avatar

    camila : i hate this resturaunt and i want cheese burger
    me: LOL XD

  23. Avatar

    Hola! Los invito a visitar mi canal 🤗🥰

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    But but shawan Mendes and and T-T

  26. Avatar

    "All that she wants, is another baby" beat…

  27. Avatar

    Is it me or does this feel like a scene from "Inception"?

  28. Avatar

    What is that's its so bad what happened like Havana

  29. Avatar

    was that camila in the red hair as a news reporter??

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