Home / News / Calls growing for EU sanctions against Turkey over actions in Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus

Calls growing for EU sanctions against Turkey over actions in Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus

The threat of sanctions is looming over Turkey, as calls grow within the EU for the country to face measures for its increasingly aggressive actions in the East Mediterranean and Northern Cyprus.


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  1. Avatar

    Then revice or remake the treaty "with turkey" … the old "law of the sea" are made without turkey consent and in favor of the winners of the old war … if you look turkey are almost surrounded by water yet they only have a fraction of it …

  2. Avatar

    We need to help Turkish people to freedom…sanctions now ,so they can rise

  3. Avatar

    Europe now understands who is erdo Hitler. A late response,cause Greece has said a lot of time that turkey is the biggest threat to the whole region, to Europe and the whole world

  4. Avatar

    more immigrants for Europe!

  5. Avatar

    Look at those little haters. As a Turkish, I'm so happy to see you. As everyone knows if someone growing rapidly always haters come up.

  6. Avatar

    The European Union is something ephemeral, far from reality. Something frigid.

  7. Avatar

    Turkey wants war. That's clear. It has made everything possible to not be the first to attack but at the same time it's provoking it to the point of no other option

  8. Avatar

    I guess some of them haven't learned that every Turk is born as a soldier …

  9. Avatar

    Stand up for your sea rights Turkey!!

  10. Avatar
    Skarner The Crystal Vanguard

    Turkogermans nazis anectors of islamofasismous.this is the forth RAIH

  11. Avatar

    what support from EU where, are they on are side

  12. Avatar

    Turkey 🦃 will always be a turkey 🦃😂

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