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Calgary homeowners still waiting on help four months after devastating hail storm

Calgary city council members recently toured a city neighbourhood devastated by hailstorm four months ago. The hailstorm was the fourth costliest natural disaster in Canada’s history, with an estimated price tag of nearly $1.5 billion, and less than half of the 70,000 insurance claims have been resolved, according to the area’s city councillor.

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  1. Avatar

    I'm so sorry to see this. I am in USA and God knows we have problems. I really feel for you. Your doing the right thing by getting your msg. Out there. God bless you guys for helping people. That's what it's all about. A little help from my friends.
    I will be praying for you all in 🇨🇦 Canada.
    Your neighbor in 🇺🇸 US. ❤💜

  2. Avatar

    Stronger laws is what we need. Insurance is a massive scam business in Canada. They are even mandatory in some cases but when the time comes to pay back those companies run away abandoning the clients.

  3. Avatar

    if you are not part of the oil machine Conservatives don't give a crap.

  4. Avatar

    Remember that for conservatives climate change doesn't exist.

  5. Avatar

    this is emblematic of how much like the USA alberta is. insurance companies obviously dont care.

  6. Avatar

    The ucp doesnt care about the people in the cities. And they certainly wont stand up to for profit insurance companies. They will happily take their donations though.

  7. Avatar

    Lol, how to wear a mask 101

  8. Avatar

    Stay safe guys

  9. Avatar

    Premiums are higher in that part of Calgary and several companies no longer insure do to the high # of claims. The area gets hail non-stop every year

  10. Avatar

    I had $50k of canola hailed out.
    No help.
    No insurance.
    Life goes on . Deal with it.

  11. Avatar
    Drivers of Ottawa

    Improve the building codes to not allow them to cover the houses in cheap vinyl siding and use more resilient fiber cement materials instead.

  12. Avatar

    Thank you both
    Mr Chaahal and Nenshi for being our voice
    It's about time

  13. Avatar

    O quit your crying, it's all part of this beautiful roller coaster ride called life!,

  14. Avatar

    I'm fortunate enough to be in the position where insurance is more optional than a requirement. I'm almost at the point where it is worth just putting money aside I would be paying in premiums to save for just in case. For a couple reasons I haven't taken the plunge. I don't think it is the governments responsibility to pay for anything. I hate to tell you Nenshi.. life isn't fair.

  15. Avatar

    Why don't you take a ladder & toolbox then repair it yourself Mr Appointed Complainant Council. What a disaster. I truly feel sorry for you.

  16. Avatar

    What the hell 4th costliest natural disaster in Canadian history, this hailstorm was barely in the news.

  17. Avatar

    Insurance companies, they get you to pay, pay, pay,
    then when you need them, you don’t qualify!
    We’ve all heard it before!
    Sad reality!
    It has to change!
    There needs to be a an insurance overseer!

  18. Avatar

    Insurance is a scam, there should be a government option, and profit should go into government spending.

    Paying thousands of dollars , so they can find any loophole to delay or not pay. Pony scheme some provinces have public auto insurance .

  19. Avatar

    maybe if they didn't drop the prices so hard in the last couple years there might be more trade workers in the business and you wouldn't have this problem

  20. Avatar

    Whiney crybabies. If you didnt have insurance it's your own fault. Wanting a free bailout and waiting last minute for it. Northeast calgary is trash anyways

  21. Avatar
    Weymouth Nova Scotia

    At least calgarians can get good deals on hail damaged cars.

  22. Avatar

    Lol you live in place that has horrible weather.. Now you want others to pay for the mess lol pure ignorance

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