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C-SPAN suspends Steve Scully after he admits to lying about Twitter hack

Steve Scully who was set to moderate the second presidential debate has been suspended from C-SPAN after lying about Twitter hack following tweet to Anthony Scaramucci regarding Trump tweet. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    The debate commission can suck it. They are horrible and need to get kicked out first Chris Wallace who through and through a democrat, then this guy who is conspiring to sabotage trump f this I’m livid about this debate commission. I believe they should be charged for colluding with the democrats.

  2. Avatar

    Looks like trump was right and the media being bias. Literal facts and these people can’t figure it out (dems)

  3. Avatar

    Another liar we the american people are forced to just accept

  4. Avatar

    Why is u tube taking away my first amendment right of free speech? They said my account was hacked- don’t believe- so all my other PAST TEXTS and OPINIONS GONE. Reporting to josh holly Lindsey graham and FCC

  5. Avatar

    The debates will not be an issue if biden wins because "We The People" will never be ablecto vote again!

  6. Avatar

    The cover-up is ALWAYS worse!

  7. Avatar

    And the Left worked so hard to try to set up Trump in the second debate…

  8. Avatar

    Little Joe's boy got caught…Great…

  9. Avatar

    I guess to foxnews lying about a tweet is worse than lying about a global pandemic that has killed 217,000 Americans.

  10. Avatar

    He is a hack never pays to be a liar he will never get his credibility back

  11. Avatar

    Vote in Person
    Democrats will do anything
    To Stop Trump

  12. Avatar

    Good that Trump did not agree to this going to be fraudulent debate . Not only Scully is a demo,,,liar the debate commission is full of dishonest Fools they need to pack up and close their doors !

  13. Avatar

    Hey FOX! Don't say He's a "Good Guy"!!! Obviously Not

  14. Avatar

    One righteous man, Trump against gangs…unfair fight

  15. Avatar

    I'm not buying this b. s. I'm guessing if the Debate Commission's communications were subpoenaed, we would learn a different story about "why" the 2nd Presidential debate was cancelled. Covid is real. But this is b. s. We can have Halloween… But we can't have a debate?

  16. Avatar

    Hmm well the current chairman of C-SPAN must not be a democrat! If all the others followed suit there wouldn't be anyone left to spread lies!

  17. Avatar

    Steve Scully is a complete lying democratic hack. I’m glad this piece Of crap is getting fired. Chris Wallace next. Just think what hard hitting ? He would ask Trump and tiny teeny softball pitch to Biden.🤮🤮🤮🤮

  18. Avatar

    A registered democrat and journalist is a liar.. You dont say..

  19. Avatar

    Except if you are Biden. Then you can lie, & nobody holds him accountable.

  20. Avatar

    Trump is right about Faux News going CNN with proof with this shill twins covering for their crooked colleagues…the "media" is lies and spin.

  21. Avatar

    let trump speak for 30 minutes and then let biden do the same,,then each person can decide for themselves

  22. Avatar

    The reason there's problems is because they are corrupt and so deceptive. When are these ppl gonna learn to stop plotting and conspiring to stop the unstoppable. Trump 20/20… Can't Touch This!

  23. Avatar

    This is just a way for Joe Biden to dodge the debate with Donald Trump.

  24. Avatar

    Bret taking up for a liar who obviously is bias against Trump saying the American people would be okay if he this or that, no he lied just like most democrats do and yes the debate would have been rigged just like the rest was, it's just that simple Bret

  25. Avatar

    Its a rigged system

  26. Avatar

    Steve Skully is nothing more than another dirty Democrat liar. CSPAN should FIRE this liar. He has NO CREDIBILITY!

  27. Avatar

    Susan Page writing a book about Pelosi….wallace doesnot like trump…sully interned for Biden…all this is called "Fair"

  28. Avatar

    The absolute disrespect of the media towards President Trump is one of the reasons he should not debate via virtual. Should be in person…nose to nose…it’s always funny to watch Joe in person. The media needs to confront Joe with the stories of possible corruption with both Ukraine and China during his last stent in office. There seems to be a lot of questions that need to be asked. I’m certain that if the same information was raised against Trump, the media would go after him with righteous indignation.

  29. Avatar

    More proof that the entire thing is rigged against Trump from the start.

  30. Avatar
    Hunter's Crack Piep

    Somebody should've been taught that lying is bad

  31. Avatar

    C-SPAN just giving him a "time out", pathetic, he will be back. He was in the tank for Biden, would have been the most corrupt biased debate moderator ever.

  32. Avatar

    Why should C-Spaz suspend scullduggery for lying when C-Spaz lies all the time…..

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