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Buttigieg says Trump is ‘incapable’ of handling a public health crisis

Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Biden campaign adviser Pete Buttigieg joins ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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  1. Avatar

    I think the reason FOX NEWS keeping wallace is because unlike cnn msNDC nbc abc and other mainstream media and newspaper is bcoz they DON'T SUPPRESSED PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT VIEW. And i think that how it should be done.

  2. Avatar

    I think the voters spoke in 2016 and elected Trump. As President it’s his job to fill open court positions. He’s the President for four years not 3 1/2 years, he is performing his Constitutional duties!!!! So you can suck it Dems!!!

  3. Avatar

    I love this guy. He's worth a million Trumps

  4. Avatar

    Go home Pete.

  5. Avatar

    And Biden is a health crisis boys!

  6. Avatar

    We are an EX-Democrat Hispanic family. We voted early for Republicans!
    We didn't vote for Trump's personALITY. We voted for him because he respects the constitution, supports Law-enforcement, is result oriented and cares about the American people. After 2016, I got Tired of the DemocRAT Politicians actions and lies; they didn't accept a peaceful transfer of power in 2016, they even tried to impeach him for no real reason.

  7. Avatar

    Trump is a bigger threat than the virus.
    He has already infected half the country with irrationality.

  8. Avatar

    This clown is absolutely irrelevant

  9. Avatar

    Chris Wallace throwing this guy soft balls

  10. Avatar

    Chris Wallace is a piece of crap socialist democrat.

  11. Avatar

    You know what you’re incapable of doing, Buttigieg? Running a successful campaign for the presidency

  12. Avatar

    Trumptards don't like it when people tell it like it is. The great filth in the Oval Office will be perp walked right into prison with his pal Jeffrey Epstein.

  13. Avatar
    Aristotle Socrates

    Trump supporters should not be given medical treatment if they have Covid.

  14. Avatar

    I HATE all democrts, especially those who call themselves progressive, the hate is so strong that I fantasize of having a physical confrontation. If trump loses, I feel it in my bones, civil unrest like this nation hasn’t seen since 1862, i jest feel it in my gut. Lots of normal, hardworking, conservatives have become hard right winged radicals. It’s gonna be interesting when Biden loses, those little fits that the big city democrats pitch won’t last long, just long enough for them to burn their own cities down, then the President will mop up the streets with the remains.

  15. Avatar

    And Buttlovlove is not capable of being the greatest president of modern times. he can't even get a woman,

  16. Avatar

    Pete "Bootyjedge" is a joke. Couldn't get double divits in the primary, FOR GOOD REASON!

  17. Avatar

    Ithink this was quite a good questionnaire from wallace.. Meyor pete handled it well for a change he didn't fumble like biden or go crazy like old bernie

  18. Avatar

    who cares about what a homosexual has to say? did i ever care about what obama had to say?

  19. Avatar

    a homosexual interviewing a homosexual.

  20. Avatar

    Sorry , you can’t speak for most Americans. Most Americans will be voting from Trump which makes you look like you have no idea what you are talking about.

  21. Avatar

    Ohhh, but the same plan biden is showing (which by he plagiarized), is actually working..
    This quack needs to go away.

    Destabilizing force?
    How many peace deals…?

    Establishment schill.
    This is gonna shitty, I hope you are all ready.

  22. Avatar

    Rename this video wallace sucks buttigeig

  23. Avatar

    There was less than 500 at the Tucson rally yesterday. The clip has been tampered with. I would love to see how many of his reptile, republican followers, will ditch him when they realise he isn’t God. To them he can do ANYTHING!!! So if he can’t be re-elected, there will be a lot who will disbelieve he’s God & finally accept he’s just a worthless scum bag after all.

  24. Avatar

    Buttigieg is incapable of running his own city. This is the honest truth.

  25. Avatar

    What sad little pencil neck loser!

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