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Burnout Paradise Remastered Nintendo Switch – Official Trailer

The Burnout™ franchise races onto Nintendo Switch for the first time ever in 2020! With its arrival, racers will be able to wreak havoc in Paradise City wherever they want, adding yet another dimension to the ease of play and thrill of this action racing classic. All eight main DLC packs, all cars, all the arcadey fun – and for the first time ever – all available on the go.

Full details on Burnout Paradise Remastered for Nintendo Switch here:

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  1. Avatar

    No clucking sway am I paying $49.99/£44.99 that’s ridiculous EA. THE GREEDY NINTENDO eShop price’s are disgusting. The sad thing is people will pay it.

  2. Avatar

    I am excited for this, even though I don’t have a Switch yet

  3. Avatar

    Don't get me wrong, I'm buying this even though I had the original (plus all the DLC) & bought the remaster, but we need a proper sequel…

  4. Avatar

    Ok EA next steps
    1) release a NEW burnout game
    2) remaster burnout 3

  5. Avatar

    😅🤣🤣🤣 el título… Tiene menos gráficos que las otras versiones de PC, Xbox y PS antiguas… Parecen coches de cartón…

  6. Avatar
    Jesus martin Gutierrez


  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar
    Chocolate Rulez1

    One of my favorite games burnout revenge from Xbox Original I remember playing it as 12-16 years old

  9. Avatar

    Hey EA, how did you deal with the R2/L2 buttons on the Switch?
    I remember analog brakes and acceleration being a vital part of drifting and pulling tricks in the original Burnout Paradise

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    We need a remake or remaster of the best game in the series. Burnout 3 Takedown!!! For next gen!!?

  12. Avatar

    I'd pay double the price just for a Burnout 3 Takedown Remake

  13. Avatar
    Павел Коркунов

    They don’t even bother to make another trailer for switch version. I love burnout but it’s the laziest remaster ever.

  14. Avatar

    I cannot wait.
    If EA would put need for speed carbon or underground on switch this will be a great year.
    Hot pursuit??

  15. Avatar

    A que se refiere, cuando dice que incluyen los 8 disco lanzado actualmente?

  16. Avatar

    Once it comes out, anyone want to join forces to do the Freeburn Challenges?

  17. Avatar

    But i still want star war on switch.
    Who else want

  18. Avatar
    John Emman Acosta

    this is only a TEST to see whether they should put NEED FOR SPEED on switch

  19. Avatar
    CJ Carl joseph S. dela cruz

    I hope its not expensive i know u ea

  20. Avatar
    CJ Carl joseph S. dela cruz

    Not again ea

  21. Avatar
    visible spams LT

    We need crossplay.

  22. Avatar
    Артём Соколов


  23. Avatar

    if you can’t make skate 4 PLEASE make skate 3 remastered with better graphics

  24. Avatar
    Shubhodeep Paul

    I wanted this game for pc back when it came out. The mere idea that collision can disfigure your car so realistically and independence in path choosing in a race was mind bogling. Any how I get this game last year. I played it quite a bit maybe around 20hrs. The online servers got shut down just after I got this game.

    I had such high hopes for this game. But when I played it I realized it doesn't have a story and became repetetive as time passed. I only enjoyed takedown other cars mode to the fullest though.

    Everyone else liked this game so much, were going ga ga all over it. I did not. What did I do wrong that I was unable to expirience the fun everyone was talking about?

  25. Avatar
    Luis Antonio Vega

    because they don't release the plants vs zombies garden warfare game for nintendo switch

  26. Avatar

    I don’t think people understand how long I have been waiting for this

  27. Avatar

    no way dude!!!

  28. Avatar

    Ok cool now let’s get madden on the switch fellas

  29. Avatar

    Where Neet for Speed Most Wanted 2005-2006.Do not forget the legend of those years, make a game with those machines, add also new ones, find those actors who played in the video, give the world what they want many in Russia do not find the original of this game make a page on the Internet where you can download the original game we love Neet for Speed Most Wanted 2005

  30. Avatar

    Only a couple weeks till release, and still no Switch game footage? Not a good sign. Sounds like another Outer Worlds fiasco to me! I won’t buy this until Digital Foundry does their analysis.

  31. Avatar

    This trailer is from the PS4 trailer different music

  32. Avatar

    No splitscreen. No buy.

  33. Avatar

    That price though. It's on Switch so automatically has to be overpriced for some reason.

  34. Avatar
    #monmonsworld fremind

    I just ordered mine yesterday I hope they kept the same soundtrack especially the song when the game first starts playing

  35. Avatar
    Vincent Henderson Jr

    Its already out at the Walmart I work at right now. 3 in stock. 🥴

  36. Avatar

    got my hands on it, 60 fps handheld baby

  37. Avatar

    Please make more port of your games on switch!!

  38. Avatar

    Please remaster burnout 3 for pc and have online multiplayer.

  39. Avatar

    I never played this game before I just got it for the switch wow love it 😀😀😀😀😀

  40. Avatar

    Parau parou paradais

  41. Avatar

    Bring back BURNOUT Takedown and Revenge!!!

  42. Avatar

    Now how about that Burnout 3 remaster everyone has been dying for? I like Paradise, but I preferred the structured races and feel of Takedown.

  43. Avatar

    No doubt an excellent game but way, way, way overpriced. The original game is 12 years old, even the remaster is nearly two years old and launched at USD40 on xbox one x at 4k/60. No way in a million years this is worth USD50 on Switch.

    USD30 max. When it drops to that price I will buy.

  44. Avatar

    can we have a new Burnout for PS5? With all the crashing and the power of PS5, I am sure it will be the best extreme racing game

  45. Avatar

    Wait the switch can handle 60fps HA thats oh my god AAAHAHAHA aaaahhh thats the funiest joke if ever heard

  46. Avatar

    Wait why cant i just pull out my old ps3 cause doesnt look like youve improved the graphics

  47. Avatar


  48. Avatar

    I Love Burnout Paradise Switch 😍❤️

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