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Burnout Paradise Remastered Nintendo Switch – 8 High-Octane Truths

Burnout Paradise Remastered races onto Nintendo Switch on June 19! Relive the speed, stunts, and wanton destruction in one of the greatest arcade racers of all time. Originally built by the renowned developers at Criterion, Burnout Paradise Remastered is meticulously recreated by the experts at Stellar, featuring veteran ex-Criterion and Burnout franchise talent.

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  1. Avatar

    Me who forgot it came out June 19th and was excited for it to come out June 15th

  2. Avatar

    I keep reading in other Burnout video's that all footage is from pc version, not Switch. Can anyone confirm? Would suck if this is not the game we end up getting

  3. Avatar

    EA is made by Mr.Krabs

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    Daniel Vergara Silva

    Para cuando un #DANTESINFERNO2 ?

  6. Avatar

    I’m the godfather the game remastered ps4 please 🙄🙄

  7. Avatar

    Never played this. Looking forward to it

  8. Avatar

    And dead space 4 for ps5 when exit ?

  9. Avatar

    No split-screen multiplayer? 🙁 c'mon that's a major letdown :/ A hard pass if no split screen

  10. Avatar

    Don't worry EA, I will buying this game on my Switch Enhanced…but, please release your other big AAA games on the Switch

  11. Avatar

    когда EA будет анонсировать новые игры типа fifa 21 и ufc 4 ? примерные даты есть >?

  12. Avatar
    The Price Is Right

    They should port Frostbite Engine to the Switch

  13. Avatar

    EA please please don’t buy Warner games… you guys suck so bad and I really don’t want your awful awful awful company to get it’s grubby hands on a great set of games. Thanks.

  14. Avatar

    $5 on steam vs $65 on switch… seems fair

  15. Avatar

    Pls make ea servers cross platform for apex and a friending system

  16. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  17. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  18. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  19. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  20. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  21. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  22. Avatar

    Ea fifa 20 is scam devil

  23. Avatar

    I can't imagine playing this with digital input triggers

  24. Avatar

    Just send your soul tô buy tis game and his loot boxes and dlcs

  25. Avatar

    Similar to asphalt 9 … So you don't have to buy a Nintendo if u have a phone

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    Only the thing I miss in this game!

    There is no real car!

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    juan antonio DR


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    Графику урежут

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    Дмитрий Яцентюк

    Hello, I tried to cancel the subscription to the origin, there was an error during the cancellation and could not be canceled due to an error and I was charged off without my consent, I would like to return them

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    Burnout Paradise PS3/XBOX 360/PC 2008
    Burnout Paradise Remastered PS4/XBOX ONE 2018
    Burnout Paradise Remastered Switch 2020

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    Hurry up n release UFC 4 so we can have another fight night

  32. Avatar

    what about skate 4?

  33. Avatar

    PC: $3
    Switch: $50


  34. Avatar
    Никто Никакой

    I paid for the full battlefield 5 game!you provided some kind of stub!shame!I'll buy the next part at a sale

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    سجق سوري في الاختبار

    go make bf6

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    Why so expensive for a game more than a decade old

  37. Avatar
    Pablo MacíasA23

    Hagan un mejor Fifa para switch

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    Gostaria de parabenizar a equipe de marketing visual desse canal…que é horrível.
    Uma que publica um vídeo em 720p com a qualidade do vídeo já reduzida.
    Esse canal é oficial mesmo ou estou vendo errado?

  39. Avatar

    Thanks EA for Finally Support Switch

  40. Avatar

    I’ve gotten the remastered version for free on every platform it’s available for, why would you think anyone would pay any other price for that

  41. Avatar

    Don’t like it

  42. Avatar

    What time does it come out?

  43. Avatar
    Philjan De Lumban


  44. Avatar
    The diary of Fharish Ahmed

    Just dislike the video, before they find a way to charge you.

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