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Bullish Mo Farah hits out at media 'agenda'

Speaking at a press conference prior to the Chicago Marathon, four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah distanced himself from his former trainer Alberto Salazar and accused the media of having an agenda against him. 
Farah said: ‘There’s a clear agenda to this. I’ve seen this many, many times. And I know where you’re going with it. I’ve seen it with Raheem Sterling, I’ve seen it with Lewis Hamilton. I can’t win, whatever I do.’
Earlier this month Salazar was handed a four-year ban by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for, among other violations, possessing and trafficking testosterone while training top runners at the Nike Oregon Project. Along with Salazar, endocrinologist Jeffrey Brown also received a ban, but Farah insisted he was never seen by the doctor.
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    Mo is a well known Juicemaster.

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    he's on that juice

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    Thought for the day: When a film or something is ludicrously exciting they always say something about it being 'on steroids' but Mo Farah is really boring still.

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    You are a cheat ! You bustard

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    He never had his injections that day

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    He win when he's had his injections

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    I've never liked this guy,I couldn't stand that ridiculous pose he did whenever he won,he's just very unlikeable and extremely annoying imo

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    Tell me what company you keep and I'll tell you what you are.

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