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Brooke Baldwin tears up about George Floyd: I'm so angry

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tears up speaking with Andrea Jenkins, who represents Minneapolis City Council Ward 8, where George Floyd died after an officer knelt on his neck. #CNN #News

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    We are not different you and I we all love, laugh, hurt and cry. 😥 We are all of value! 🇦🇺🙏✌️

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    Abdulreman Khan

    Very sad 😭😭😭

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    How many people died from GUN violence every year in America?
    How many people died from Police Brutality every year in America?
    How many people died from Racial Violence every year in America?
    How many people died from Covid-19 because of Donald Trump Lies & Arrogance?

    America preach and brag about human rights when so many innocents are dying every single day in this country…wake up American!

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    Nwadioha Philip

    Hope justice is death sentence.

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    if nothing else….lock the cop up until a decision is made!!!!!!!

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    We are all George Floyd in this moment

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    The Ultimate Big Munchkin

    The virtue signaling is STRONG

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    Showing your humanity is beautiful Brooke

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    Its evident that mankind is unfit to rule itself. We cannot eliminate racism. It will take superhuman, supernatural powers to do it.

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    It blows me away that black ppl still sing amazing grace

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    We didn't need this after the coronavirus

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    aleksander petancic


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    That white lady is not crying because another black person died, she is only crying because another racist cop got caught and have to pay for their white outrage hate crimes……

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    Brooke Baldwin, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, these journalists are just good decent human being…you could just see and feel Brooke genuine compassion in this video. If only there were more people like you Brooke!

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    Donna Phillips

    It's disgusting what happened to this man George how can this still happen in a supposed civilized country x

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    Meanwhile the pigs are hiding out laughing at the riots and people in the streets.

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    Jean-Pierre De Jesus Pleass

    I don't understand how four psychopaths were employed by the police department. I'm not even sure if this is racism entirely. This is about the police officer's power, entitlement, lack of empathy, and exploitation of others to fulfill narcissistic injuries. If there is an attempt to cover up this incident. All stakeholders need to be prosecuted.

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    The man was begging for his life and they were joking around while killing him "just get in the car man why can't you just geT in the car?"While pushing his knee on the neck of that man and the two others holding down his legs.

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    Not one tear dropped 🤦🏿‍♂️

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    terrible tragedy but they will make it about trump.

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    I can see terrible days coming…

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    Ppl only care when white women start crying! More white women tears for racism, classism ,prison industrial complex and the shit these tech super companies are doing!

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    @5:25 Notice here voice went from sobbing to regular 🤦🏿‍♂️

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    The cringe begins.
    Fake tears

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    Derek Chauvin should re-watch the scene in The Shawshank Redemption where the Warden has second thoughts about going to prison for his criminal deeds.
    It really would save the Minnesota court system and tax payers a lot of time, money, energy, headaches, aggravation and frustration.

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    Racism isn’t getting worse. It’s just getting filmed now

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    Ms. Brooke you are a real sweetheart, stay strong baby.

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    Harry Lorigan Jr

    Vote for Joe " the finger" biden

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    Justice for George Lloyd 🙏🙏❤️ but please protest peacefully! Do not go down that low like those evil policemen , the murderers!!😡

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    Well she tried so hard I think she might have pooped herself but not a single tear would pop out. How disgusting.

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    Mustafa Farax Jaamac

    "Racism is not getting worse, it is being filmed"
    Will Smith

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    U get sacked for flipping burgers wrong, for murder you get jail…who are these people who don’t have a moral compass? Sack the decision maker who doesn’t know the difference! Don’t hurt each other…work together to remove the one ordering the murderers to go free..it’s not the police, or business owners…who is protecting the murderer from getting jail! It’s the decision maker, now fight to remove the protector at the top!

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    It's ok to kill White Officer
    but it's not ok to kneel
    Colin Kaepernick "

    Trump said Get that Son of a Bitch Out of Here "
    When Colin Kaepernick took a knee In protest of this very thing that has and will continue to happen to our Black Men because of their skin color .

    Where is Trump ?
    He's out their causing division promoting and spewing Hatred of those who are not White .

    This is no different the Lynchings of the past .

    My deepest heartfelt condolences to Mr. Floyd's
    Family and Loved One's

    May God Rest His Soul

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    Armed civilians should be allowed to intervene, four repeat criminals murdering someone if front of the world. Armed citizens should be allowed to stop these cops

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    Summer Bright bright

    Health care is Human right for everyone regardless
    And Americans should have National health service

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    This is so wrong I'm sorry but America is all about money not there people racism is so much an issue what hope is there with so much hate the people who need to be removed are the hater's they are the problem

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    The people should find those 4 officers. The Justice system won't do nothing apparently.

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    The United Nations need to get involved. Other countries need to get involved. The only TRUE justice is when there is an actual change not merely sending them to jail.

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    Brenda Lee Arauz

    The animals have been fired, you mean😒

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    The only way to stop the riots is by hanging the cops involved in public

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    Raw as fuck

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    Theresa Downing

    Flat out cold blooded murder! Those officers took advantage of their positions

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