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Britain announces tough new restrictions due to rise in cases GMA

Infections quadrupled in the past three weeks so Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a new three-tier system to slow the spread depending on the severity of the outbreak in an area.

New 3-tier COVID-19 system announced for England to combat rise in cases:

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    Trump like people are everywhere, keep positive Americans out.

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    Across Europe… Not Sweden. Or Norway. They're already immune.

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    The Messiah is coming soon. At the same time as the rapture, the great tribulation begins. If left in the great tribulation, the church has no salvation except for martyrdom; God is awakening his children.
    Prepare the churches with repentance and holiness.
    Because of sin in man
    He comes to judge the demons who have taken power.
    If you look at the world without repenting to God, everyone will fall into the fire of hell.
    Because of our love, Yeshua died on the cross for our sins.
    Submit to that love.
    Only Yeshua God is the one who will save humans.

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    Thanks a f**** lot China the whole world needs to sue China's ass

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    Nobody has more infections than America. Trumpism guarantees that!

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    Yeah so they say but most of us in England don't know any one who has had it and since the 8th October they have been counting the flu with c because they don't get enough numbers from c to push their agenda

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    Man I heard it was getting colder in Europe while here in some parts of America it's getting hotter and other parts it's raining.

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    How About Death's ?? The truth??

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    So stupid. Just wear mask and no lockdown

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    <<>> One moment to think please <<>> World Winner, COUNTRY HERO against C-VIRUS should be carefully assessed, less "unwise politics", to save a million lives: Singapore: Total death 27, prolonged Zero Daily death, Fatality Rate 0.05 (v. U.S. 2.75)]. <> Assessing is experimental, not final, but its aim, scope and use can save the lives of a million in various countries, especially of nursing-homes, care-centers remnants, etc. <> "Dedicated Funds" ['stimulus' too?] aimed to save life at new, high-quality, country-side, fresh-air-areas [motels, hotels, tent centers], to stop-reduce fatality-rates [study why WHO reversed? Now against simple locking]. 
    Various new regulations may apply, like Wider-Distancing, No visitors, Best-Food-Medicine, etc. – Partly cared by [same?] care givers? <> "Pilot Black-Out-Prevention" also helps reduce heart/brain damages [2 books at ''in'', Amazon, Google-Search, explain rate of O2-in/CO2-out of the blood via square-root of pressure-difference across lung membranes times their total area, is done via deep-air-in, pressure-hold-10-sec, then strongest-cough-vacuum-out CO2 (strong coughs may help too)]. Naturally one-liners don't care: "Russian concentration camps", "Mid-Summer dream" Enough said>

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    Jesus ThrewTables

    Hollywood took over the whole god damned world.

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    Jesus ThrewTables

    Hollywood is Evil.

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    ilovepork and chicken

    I honestly forgot that Boris had covid

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    T rump has covid 🤧😷🤮
    🇺🇸🌊✔️ MASK MATTER

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    Why people don't learn from Taiwan… it already has been proved

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    I’m tired of hearing of coronavirus!!!

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    How many people are Dying!!!!???if not please stop talking about it

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    CDC's Director stated that a fully distributed vaccine will take 9 to 12 months. Trump is for HERD IMMUNITY, which will expose seniors in massive numbers. 10% of seniors die from covid while survivors are left debilitated.

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    I knew this would happen.

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    Hey MSM! We want to know about Obama, Biden and Hillary's involvement with the planned assaination of Seal Team 6 and paying 1.5 billion to Iran to keep mouth shut.

    There is hard evidence. Documents and Audio. Why are you not investigating real news? Covering up again?

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    Why people think government is a super hero????? No matter what decision the government takes, unless citizens follow instructions and directions, we all will be 6ft under one by one. Citizens should do everything they can to protect themselves and their surroundings from this monster virus until cure found.

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    The same flashing warnings that result in the UK shutting down have resulted in Trump going on a Non-Stop coronavirus tour around the u.s. spreading his message and his disease. Interesting…

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    VOTER FRAUD : Democrat mayoral candidate Zul Mohamed arrested in Texas on 109 felony counts of voter fraud last week.
    Texas & L.A voter fraud https://youtu.be/E_X_Bm1I-FA City of Carrollton – Denton County, TX. Fake Media won’t tell the truth. 😮
    Fake Media and Dems say NO Evidence of Voter Fraud.

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    The media and politicians are terrorists! The road to hell on earth is being paved with good intentions!

    We are being played by big pharma, the media (GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom/CBS, Time Warner Media), politicians (left AND right), NGOs/non-governmental organizations (The Council on Foreign Relations, UN, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs) & elitist tax exempt foundations (The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, etc.)

    Whether this virus is real or not does not matter! They are clearly using it to turn us against each other (Divide & Conquer) and push elitist agendas (global fascist dictatorship, technocracy, mandatory vaccinations, vaccination certifications, immunity passports, total police state surveillance & control system, etc.)

    The job of the establishment media is to deceive, divide, and distract! There are no legitimate journalists on TV!
    If you think you're too smart to be fooled. If you get off on virtue signaling, cult of personality worshipping, appealing to authority and the establishment media AND you're too dumb and/or brainwashed by academia and the media to see giant contradictions and obvious agendas, may your chains and your family's chains rest lightly upon you.

    It's time to stop believing everyone that questions the establishment is a "conspiracy theorists" and wake up!!! We are losing our freedom right now! They are ushering in tyranny under the guise of public safety all over the world! This is not a conspiracy theory! It is happening right now! If America falls it's over for the rest of the world. Which side of history are you gonna be on? I choose dangerous freedom over tyrannical "safety"!

    (includes people with core morbidities)

    • 0-19 YEARS: 99.997%
    • 20-49 YEARS: 99.98%
    • 50-69 YEARS: 99.5%
    • 70+ YEARS: 94.6%

    There is no EMERGENCY and there is no PANDEMIC! There is ZERO justification for continuing these extreme measures! If you believe there is, it's because you've been brainwashed by the media!


    The left and right dog and pony show can't agree on anything that truly benefits we the people! However, what do you know, both sides want you wearing a face diaper! Both sides want you to socially distance! BOTH SIDES WANT TO FORCE YOU TO TAKE A COVID19 TEST OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND INJECT YOU WITH BIG PHARMA'S EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE AND ALL ITS BOOSTERS OVER AND OVER!!!

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    Nuke China! They started the kung flu

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    I could assure you Biden wouldn’t do any better.

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    Scary Times…

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    So is Trump to blame for this too?

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    Restrictions do nothing but increase
    The quarantines and shut downs in March PROVED this fact by killing tens of thousands of healthy people.
    The masks worn by 99% today are little more than a political statement since they are all useless against covid.

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    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the left who want to DEFUND THE POLICE and therefore jeopardize your family's security. #MAGA2020

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