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Briefing Room: Trump meets with Polish pres.,undocumented immigrants, NASA honors 'hidden figures'

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    Biden's really losing in the polls. Can't wait for the debates to come around and see him on Klobuchar level.

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    Boa noite a todos , que posamos está orando por Israel e que Deus venha da vitória a todos que estiverem com Israel

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    Odd that Tulsi isn't on this list. I wonder if her being anti interventionist has anything to do with that.. it's not like defense contractors drop money on any major outlets

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    What a bunch of lies,there are more illegals here then ever,from all over the world..this was before 2017..now show 2019…laugh bitch,we cant take anymore!

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    Trump Pun Conundrum (aka Say What You Mean and Mean You Say What?)

    It's not what I mean
    These things that I say
    It's just fake news
    When you put it that way

    There's no paradox
    And no contradiction
    Just the best words
    All said with conviction

    My speech is quite clear
    And so wise under gentle
    Sarah Sander's advice
    To stick to my fundamental …

    Inner self's thoughts
    The smartest of all
    So what I say is not
    What I mean after all

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    Trump talks better about our enemies than he does his own representatives or Congress or media in America!!!! What on earth was his answer to that question? By the way Bernie Sanders did more than give a speech he settled a lot of problems with the pharmaceutical companies today… Sanders is still running the country while Biden and trump argue like two Little boys! Bernie Sanders 2020 please give him the credit he deserves!

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    Have you tried going to the center of the moon

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    Don't you guys bash and underestimate the greatest president since George Washington

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    QUIT giving your boy biden so much free ait time, quit talking about him. No one wants him. TALK TO TULSI

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    Thug in chief!! Scum in office! But he'll win again, who else is worse.. uh best? American's are blind.👓👓

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    No matter what Trumps says the media always twist it to mean what they want to cut down the President. I have no trust in the media.

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