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Brian Moore's Full Contact Rugby: Impressive Ireland to fall short at Twickenham

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After a week off we’re back for round three of the 2020 Six Nations.

Alongside Brian this week for the first time is the former France flanker Serge Betsen who casts his eye over the resurgent French ahead of their trip to Cardiff this weekend.

The standout tie of the round comes from Twickenham on Sunday as unbeaten Ireland take on England in Eddie Jones first home game of the tournament. Former Ireland and Lions captain Paul O’Connell knows a thing or two about winning in Twickenham but he’s expecting his former side to fall just short of England after their momentum building win over Scotland in round two.

As for Wales, they face the prospect of France in front of their home crowd on Saturday evening. Serge gives us the lo down on the impact Shaun Edwards has had on the French side since deferring from Wales after the World Cup, meanwhile former Wales scrum half Rupert Moon is on hand to explain how Wayne Pivac will manage his way around an injury crisis.

Away from the Six Nations there’s been some big domestic news. The RFU have announced they will be slashing the funding to the Greene King Championship by a staggering 50%. We’ll get the thoughts of the Telegraph’s chief rugby correspondent Gavin Mairs who explains what impact the news is likely to have on the future of the competition.

Plus we’ll be answering your questions as always and we’ll ask Serge about his favourite Six Nations memories including a memorable game against England in 2002.

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    Hi Brian Moore : hope u had a good rest.

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    I dislike Brian's commentary on matches. He is relentlessly negative regarding England, finding fault with every minor thing. He is a drag to listen to. His opinions are usually more lenient when it comes to our opposition. Odd that.

    I'd also like to have five minutes alone with him to discuss why he was very rude regarding the Italian national anthem.

    His commentary makes a match that I've been looking forward to into something I tensely position my finger above the mute button for eighty minutes. I wish the Five Live commentary was in 5.1, or Brian would go away. That would greatly increase my enjoyment of England matches on the BBC.

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    Great rugby analysis, But the advert half way through about trump and Russian collusion . Come on , bore off , no one is interested

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