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Brexit: Why is fishing a stumbling block in the trade talks? – BBC News

There’s still no agreement between the UK and EU on Brexit and one of the key stumbling blocks is fishing.

Ros Atkins takes a look.

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  1. Avatar

    BBC license inspectors frightening old age pensioners into paying for television.

  2. Avatar

    Let's just admit it.. The people who voted leave were conned.. The people who voted tory were conned.. We're not really leaving the EU else we wouldn't still be here now.. Anything concocted by a tory gov is toxic and dangerous.. You all made your bed and look at the mess we are all in.

  3. Avatar

    Only bbc thinks it’s about fish

  4. Avatar

    I'd like some herring please

  5. Avatar

    The bbx need shutting down it’s a lie a minute
    Of course it’s not about fish

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    I remember the cod wars. I was born in Grimsby and my grandfather was a trawler skipper. Money men sold us out decades ago and the French and Spanish have no respect for our fishing grounds or the conservation practices we alone have introduced.
    These conservation policies and fishing regulations have enabled us to preserve our fishing grounds and allowed repair of stocks caused by ‘dead line’ and ‘hoover’ fishing practices employed by Johnny Foreigner. Their trawler factory boats strip the sea bed and devastate it leaving a trail of dessert sea bed. The British fishermen were forced to stand back and allow them to destroy the environment by the EU.
    This has to stop and let the EU practice their own methods of destroying fishing stocks in their own waters. If they are so great then why do they want access to our waters that have been preserved by ‘set-aside’ fishing grounds such as around Cornwall?
    I remember of Bob Geldolf spitting and swearing at our heroic fishermen as they sailed up the Thames to highlight their ‘working class’ plight that was literally spat upon by the spoilt and ignorant middle class elite.
    Well “fuck you” mr Geldolf”, May you and your dinner guests eat EU crab sticks for all of eternity whilst the British populous feast on prime British cod, skate, bass, monk fish, haddock and herring. The very fish that my grandfather and his peers fought to protect and bring to the working class tables of the UK through two world wars and many years of hardship brought about by greedy politicians and so called ‘entrepreneurs’.
    Make no mistake. If we keep a hard line on these issues the foreign ships will just register as part of the UK fishing fleet and supply Europe with our fish in our terms and paying our tariffs and taxes.
    Stay strong Boris and screw the French.

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    Leapsplashafrog Leapsplashafrog

    Bbc terrorism at it again

  8. Avatar

    UK national emergency!


  9. Avatar

    I stopped bbc about 20 years ago it just pure deception drivel today

  10. Avatar

    Bbc poison ☠️

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    Hopefully fish will become cheaper in UK i love fish but so bloody expensive❕❕❕

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    The BBC distract over fish. No agreement on this tiny issue, no deal for the linked financial services sector. Ten times more important. Nor the horrific cost to the economy of a no deal or a bare bones deal if they manage to scrape one. A real catastrophe is coming. The last site you will hear about it is in the BBC

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    Definitely and rightly sovereignty for the UK, profits and jobs for France. Many of our rights were given up being part of the EU, but now we are out of the EU we want OUR waters back. Boris should not let the fishermen or the people of our country down.

  14. Avatar

    Pure bbx mind control garbage again

  15. Avatar

    When Scotland gets it's independence leaving the uk next year, over 60% of the uk's fishing waters will be going with them.

  16. Avatar

    Bbc is like a cess pit of distraction and misdirection

  17. Avatar

    Pure misdirection from bbx

  18. Avatar

    It is important as the waters are English waters . And others wish to steal our fish as they have done for want years ,

  19. Avatar

    I don’t pay bbc a half penny never ever

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    Khaleesi Osborn Marie Christensen

    Subscribe to the channel to watch hot videos 😍💋 💝💖 ♥ ️❤️

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    If fishing is such small and unimportant industry to the UK (as the Pro EU propaganda channel says it is) it is, presumably, even more tiny and insignificant to the EU …… so why are THEY putting up such a fight over such a tiny and insignificant industry ??? Maybe because it punches way above its weight in terms of strategic importance …. but you won't get the BBC telling you the truth about how important fishing really is in terms of jobs, coastal communities prosperity, food security and how it could potentially reduce our trade deficit with the EU but as much as 10% alone if done properly!!

  22. Avatar

    Why can’t I buy fresh fish from the English coast ?
    Why are the fish for sale only imported frozen fish ?

  23. Avatar

    I stopped by bbc “licence” fee years ago after Jane standley 911 building 7 terrorism

  24. Avatar

    high quality report – this is just another piece of evidence of how stupid and most importantly, pointless brexit is as a policy – all it achieves is satiating the desires of backwards thinking nationalists. After Dec 31st they'll find themselves no happier and the rest of us poorer as a result.

  25. Avatar

    It’s about freedoms from ecj. Sm cU and immigrants as well as land and sea territory not just fish

  26. Avatar

    Typical bbc rubbish proper gander

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    It’s madness the Eu rules I live in the coast and people come here thinking they’re buying our fresh fish
    They aren’t they are all imported frozen ..?!!

  28. Avatar

    They need social distancing too.

  29. Avatar

    The BBC smells like rotten fish

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    Karezza Kundalini Kenosis

    There needs to be a 100 year moratorium on fishing.

  31. Avatar

    I want to buy fish straight off fishing boats like when I was a kid in Northumberland totally fresh but Eu doesn’t t like that. Eu is no good for me so we voted out

  32. Avatar

    Eu want you to buy frozen fish taken by the Eu boats shipped to thailand then back to U.K. frozen it’s a disgrace

  33. Avatar

    Coz it's OUR fish, that's why.

  34. Avatar

    BPD…………………………..nothing is agreed

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