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Brexit uncertainty: Study shows rise in UK citizens moving to EU countries since 2016

Brexit has led to a sharp increase in the number of people moving from the United Kingdom to European Union countries, a new study suggests.


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    What's the saying: The best go first.

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    Haha.. What nonsense… Fantastic the EU bubble you're in…..
    Tbh though if its the democracy hating remoaners.. Then 17. 4 million of us will pack their bags for them..

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    As EU citizen who lived in the UK and now back to EU, I will welcome any Brit with arms wide open.

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    EURABIA vs nation's who wish to retain their own names.

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    Γ‰amonn SΓ­oΔ‹Γ‘in

    LOL! So, Brexit means "Brits exit Britain."

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    What A LIAR what a COWARD! NOT ONE ACTUAL FIGURE.. The numbers must be really tiny …meanwhile in the real world..
    Home Office statistics for December show that just over 2.7 million EU citizens and their family members have applied for settled status, a special immigration category set up for nationals from member states. An estimated 900,000 EU citizens in the UK have yet to apply for settled status, which most will need to remain in the country long-term after Brexit.The figures underline a huge take-up of the scheme, which was launched nationally in March 2019, but also show the scale of the task that still lies ahead for the Home Office.

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    That’s strange. Britains population is the highest its ever been. Approaching 68 million people…..

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    Hungarian Paragon


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    Oni Crystal Bluemoon


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    Only remoners eny way good riddance love your country stick by it through thick and thin

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    brits are not welcome over here; Johnny foreigners. send them back to their island, all of them

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