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Brexit: UK government says EU trade deal talks are ‘over’

A no-deal Brexit showdown is looming with Europe as Boris Johnson said talks on a trade deal with Brussels were over, declaring there was no point in the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier coming to the UK unless he was prepared to substantially change his position. (Subscribe:

The EU has insisted talks in London planned for next week could still go ahead, but warned they would not make a deal “at any price”.

Business leaders are already worried about the prospect of a no deal, warning it would have a “devastating impact” on jobs across the board.
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  1. Avatar
    Diarmaid O'Riordan

    So Britain wants 27 countries to bend to the UK.
    Mmmm!!! Well ok then, no deal Boris.

  2. Avatar

    Anyone that needs medication to stay alive, start stocking up with early prescriptions from now. Sh*ts gonna hit the fan.

  3. Avatar
    John Anthony Fingleton

    Good, I am glad to see the winging brits gone Forever!!! Sorry for those that are remainers.

  4. Avatar

    Let barnier come, ask what has changed in the eu position, if nothing ask him to leave…..

  5. Avatar

    "…and we'll prosper mightly…" – the utter and asinine arrogance…
    I don't know if it sounds the same to the English, but the tone, the attitude … make me instantly nauseous.

  6. Avatar

    Nothing clearly will satisfy the EU except BINO.
    So this idea that the UK should conform to that is ludicrous.
    Let's not forget who are friends are in Europe though,
    AND our enemies and treat them accordingly.

  7. Avatar

    There just trying to stall all the time we want out simple talks over

  8. Avatar

    great, EU looneys will will beg for a deal. Get out , you can stand on your own, ?America with Trump , we are behind you.

  9. Avatar

    The EU Reich is finished.

  10. Avatar

    great now we can blow the frogs out of the water when they come thieving our fish in our waters .

  11. Avatar

    This morning the EU was still arrogantly behaving as if Brussels was in charge claiming that they were still (no doubt 'magnanimously.') prepared to continue talking.
    I'd loved to have been in the room when the EU talking heads were informed the Brits had cleared their desks and had gone home.
    "Zis iss your fault Macron …… you and your silly hat ….. Macron!! Macron!!…… Ver hass he gone????"

  12. Avatar

    Thy just want our fish n waters no more games just walk away now

  13. Avatar

    🤗🥳🥳🥳🤠💥💯👏👏finally! Got my party hat on and ready to go.. we will do just fine without them..

  14. Avatar

    I still remember the: "oven ready".

  15. Avatar

    The EU could use Dutch expertise to build an artificial island in the Atlantic to extend EU fishing territory.

  16. Avatar

    If both sides trade on WTO rules then hey presto a level playing field everybody's happy

  17. Avatar

    See these fish? 🇬🇧🐟🐟🐟🐟 🇬🇧 They represent all the fish in British Soverign waters. You can buy some from us, with tarrifs, of course. 😁👍

  18. Avatar

    Boris the drama queen. Time plays in favor of the EU – British planes won't be able to land on EU soil in Feb 2021 by the way…

  19. Avatar

    Leave 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  20. Avatar

    No more talks..'NO POINT!!

  21. Avatar

    Good luck Britain, but don't play the victim!

  22. Avatar

    How much more time we voted to leave years ago so just LEAVE with no deal

  23. Avatar

    Empire is dead! You will be eating a MASSIVE slice of Humble Pie in the near future! Mark my words!

  24. Avatar

    But they are still talking?….

  25. Avatar

    Boycott ALL EUSSR goods

  26. Avatar

    We will prosper mightily. Go to work, don’t go to work. This bloke is a clown who doesn’t have a clue

  27. Avatar
    Gabellus Gabellus

    WTO is the only way to Freedom 🇬🇧

  28. Avatar

    Fish the fish, Boris! Make them 🇬🇧 fingers!

  29. Avatar

    The democrat outcome is for Great Britain to leave the European Union 🤗

  30. Avatar

    The UK hauls about 708000 tons of fish each year* and sells most of it to the world and the EU. The UK cannot consume as much fish as it catches by a long stretch.
    * source: ONS
    As the report states it constitutes less than 0.1% of UK trade value.

  31. Avatar

    No point continuing talks but we'll leave the door ajar.

  32. Avatar
    Gabellus Gabellus

    Panic in Brussels 🙂

  33. Avatar

    With our brilliant PM having walked from these ridiculous EU demands I would say The PM was NOT looking for anything deeper than a Canadian style deal. The serious problem is the EU want a Chinese, come North Korean, style deal.

  34. Avatar
    Gulliver the Gullible

    Time for the EU to finally close the lid on the coffin of the UK. The UK got on everybody's nerves far too long with their excessive demands. The EU has better things to do than wasting their time with such crybabies.

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    Masked like the crooks they are.

  37. Avatar

    If there's no deal the French won't be able to fish in our waters so their stance makes no sense at all.

  38. Avatar

    the eu is in total denial…

  39. Avatar

    france belgium and spain are trying to claim eternal fiishing rights by the right of privalage of 1666 of king charlies 2nd its unrevokable unless ur stupid enough to give it up by sigening some train wreck called the common fishires policy u gave up your rights of privalge for eu dumb arrses and the cfp now uk fishiman will not get 9% of fish but the 84% the french were given by eu

  40. Avatar
    Ekenedilichukwu Abol

    The EU does not need a deal — NO DEAL.

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