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Brexit party leader Nigel Farage speaks in Wales – watch live

The Brexit party leader, Nigel Farage, speaks in South Wales

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    Nigel Farage can’t save us only we can save ourselves.

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    Its not a deal but another 3 years of pointless negotiation with the EU dictating terms

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    No body ever mentions the greens who have two leaders that are not mp,s

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    This is the same cover as The Sun ?? Brexit ✅ Nigel ✅.

  5. Avatar

    Its Boris or Remain, those are our only options.

  6. Avatar

    Guardian… keep deleting videos and comment streams when they don't reflect the negative false narrative you wish to portray. It's awesome to see.

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    Had parliament followed the result, instead of being treacherous, Brexit in the main, would have been resolved by now. It really has come down to parliament v the people.

  9. Avatar

    What about defence union Nigel ????????

  10. Avatar

    It wasn't Abbottapotamus on QT who floundered over Labour's new deal, it was Emily Thornberry. btw , Nigel.

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    "I've been kicked in my head by a horse "

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    If you want other countries not to take the UK seriously, vote for the Brexit Party.
    If they win (very dubious…), Moscow oligarchs will rub their hands.

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    both the brexit party & labour want to negotiate a new deal with the eu to leave; it doesn't matter about either of the party's policies, as long as they leave, not forgetting it was a straight binary choice of stay or leave.
    the tories have buggered about for nearly 4 years negotiating to leave & in the end have settled for a soft brexit, when initially they wanted a hard brexit; therefore, another 6 months of negotiations by the brexit party or labour, will not make much difference to the uk electorate.
    brexit should have been settled before the election was announced, but the tories are so scared of corbyn winning, that they see their only chance of remaining in government, is to conflate the election & brexit, but of course, we all know it will be to no avail.

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    My heart would sink if I found myself stranded on a desert island with nigel

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    Brexit has happen. While the British wait for a new government, the rest of the world has move on. Get Brexit done do or die ,British are no longer in the single market.

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    It should be government do as we the people ask, government NO people do as you are told! . So are we having it . NO.

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    Johnson’s deal could such a lemon through a hosepipe. No Deal Brexit is the only real Brexit, and the only people who want to deliver that are the Brexit Party.

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    vote for Brexit Party in haste and resent Corbin at leasure

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    "I've never seen so many white people in one place!"
    – Jon Snow

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    nigel makes more sense than any of the other MP,s,look around where you live ,let,s get our country back

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    I think if he doesn't get the leave alliance, he should just pack it in. All he'll do is split the vote and allow the remainers in.

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    Richard Taylor should campaign more widely in Wales – he is a great motivator.

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    How many more times ie he going to say that ,get on with it for God's sake

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    Boris Johnson&Nigel Farage= Crooks
    😇Jeremy Corbin👍

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    A labour leave seat by any chance. Helping the Tory's again !

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    They want to glue us in to a new pact with the EU just before it collapses in France and the Netherlands under the strain of failed non EU migrant policy's and the rise of extreme Right wing populism.
    Brexit party represents a moderate right wing exit policy a last resort for civilised people.
    After this stage it will become populism and nationalism and get ugly .
    I will leave before that stage (as a NON EU migrant) ironic lol

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