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Brexit: EU tells Britain to make up its mind as deal "within reach"

The European Union told Britain on Wednesday to make up its mind on Brexit, putting the onus back on London to unlock trade talks as the bloc’s chief negotiator said an agreement was still within reach.

A frustrated EU and piqued Britain both exhorted each other this week to compromise to avoid a disruptive finale to the five-year Brexit drama that would add to economic pain from the coronavirus crisis.

“Time is very short and we stand ready to negotiate 24/7, on all subjects, based on legal texts,” European Council President Charles Michel told the European Parliament. “The UK has a bit of a decision to make and it’s their free and sovereign choice.”

With some 900 billion euros of annual trade at stake in the talks, the EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier told Parliament an agreement was still possible.

“An agreement is within reach if both sides are willing to work constructively, in a spirit of compromise,” he said.

Britain’s current EU trading terms expire at the end of this year following Brexit and commerce free of tariffs and quotas can no longer be guaranteed from 2021 without a new partnership agreement.

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  1. Avatar
    Guillermo Cruz Rotger

    United kingdom doesnt need EU the Euro is going to crash EU is pro communist in other words they are the most corrupted parliament, why should UK support the communist China like EU has wait the Euro dies UK will be alive.

  2. Avatar

    EU trying to tell people how to run things again…

    "You can't have your cake and eat it too."

    The irony of using such a statement from their current position….

  3. Avatar

    Our minds were made up four years ago. Goodbye 👋👋👋👋👋

  4. Avatar

    How come you speak yet do not choke all of you

  5. Avatar

    We can have our fish and eat it. Let you eat Cake

  6. Avatar

    The Uk has made up its mind. It is assumed no deal and no point of continuing negotiation with the EU. So why not doing something similar to what the Uk has done intensify the preparation for a no deal.

  7. Avatar

    wasnt that long ago one of them pricks was saying theres a special place in hell for all those uk idiots that voted brexit.a note to all of you were off

  8. Avatar

    Their mind was made up at the beginning but no one was willing to accept the answer

  9. Avatar

    F the EU. I hope more European countries pull out also. Just like the UN, they've become a totalitarian regime that makes nonsense decisions.

  10. Avatar

    A deal will be in reach when the EU offer UK EXACTLY the same terms as Canada or Japan. EU must pay for our fish, no free access, no economic level playing field:- designed to hold us back and render us uncompetitive, and state aid must continue.

    Drop that you have a deal, EU is the problem and always has been.

  11. Avatar

    why can the EU just shout jump and our spinless Boris can't stop jumping?.

  12. Avatar

    I thought we'd made our mind up already…..🤔

  13. Avatar

    Are they talking about the deal where we are under there ECJ, They fish the crap out of our waters and they want a level playing field (translation: UK can not have a good deal anywhere else in the world) Piss off EU.

  14. Avatar

    The UK should not trust any trade talks from two EU officials (Mr Michel & Mr Barnier) whose countries want the status quo and have a high vested interest regarding the fishing argument. I cannot see a good outcome to any talks at present and the UK should use WTO rules in the new year, then if the EU still want a deal talks can start afresh.

  15. Avatar

    Took them over 4 years to come up with this pile of crap good bye eu

  16. Avatar

    Walk away..enough is enough

  17. Avatar

    Brexcultists: "WEE DEMANS ARE FISHYS!!!! ARGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!", Carers for Brexcultists: "What would you like for tea love?… We've got plenty of fresh fish, piled-up at dock it was…", Brexcultists: "CHEEKKEN NUGGUTS!!!!!!! I HATES STINKKEY FISHYS!!!! ARGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

  18. Avatar

    The EU means nothing in this new world order

  19. Avatar

    The EU dictatorship unwilling to compromise and still issuing demands, they dont care about trade its all about power and control.

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