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BREAKING: Warrington to move into Tier 3

Warrington will face the toughest level of coronavirus restrictions from 12:01am on Tuesday, 27th October.

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  1. Avatar
    The Goldey Family

    Tyranny at its finest

  2. Avatar

    Nothing to do with " containing the bug " ….. THIS ARE ANTI RIOT RULES …….

  3. Avatar

    Not even the residents of Warrington:
    Lockdown start time: 12:01am

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    And my question is why does the usa think we are not going to shut down again?
    Because wall street is more important, WORK THEM TILL THERE DEAD is there moto

  6. Avatar

    Buy Bitcoin everyone financial crash is coming. Covid is the smokescreen

  7. Avatar

    This is normal flu season. The PCR testing is flawed , giving both false positive and false negative results, and are one big money making scam : https://youtu.be/CPmWYFlUK54

  8. Avatar

    It's not going to do anything.

  9. Avatar

    These complete idiots……..These restrictions will not make any difference at all, they have never worked & will never work………………Truly the definition of madness trying the same thing over & over & expecting a different result. It's scandalous that these clowns are telling us how to live & at the same time ruining our way of life & not to mention the devastation to the economy.

  10. Avatar

    GOOD LUCK GUYS …Its already like that in my country….good luck 👍

  11. Avatar

    If the royals who own CCL and at the top of this heinous action expects british people to lose their homes and earning capability then they should be forced to sell off art and homes to reinburse the public.

  12. Avatar
    Андреев Олег


  13. Avatar

    cases or positive tests

  14. Avatar

    The north 🤦

  15. Avatar

    f u jkok j h g fcdxrxtf gh n hgftfg ghj jlk,o,mjnubgtvswexcv jn ghvtedtbj km

  16. Avatar

    National lockdown by stealth.

  17. Avatar

    Still don't get the bs about the "substantial meal"😂

  18. Avatar

    National Lockdown by stealth

  19. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/xPxhVgGkTj0 Boris admitted that tests only work in 7% of cases share this everywhere. This economic crash is purposely built and is no longer just about a virus. While we suffer the communist party of China prospers because of sales of PPE etc.

    https://youtu.be/GeykREAlYSg Boris knows exactly what he's doing by signing us up to BUILD BACK BETTER. It's a dangerous path we are being put on and we need to take back control before its to late. This is from sky news Australia which actually do decent reporting. They show how covid and climate change agends are part of the World Economic Forum's plan. WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS TYRANNY AND WILL NEVER BOW DOWN TO COMMUNIST CHINA.

  20. Avatar

    Christ !!! That’s come as a shock !!!! Didn’t know anyone lived there !!! 😢

  21. Avatar
    Aspect Minecraft Gaming

    What is a private garden? Household garden?

  22. Avatar
    Alex Leitch BSc Open

    What a fun strategy game

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Everyone hide !!!

  25. Avatar

    “People must not socialise with anybody they don’t live with” 🤣🤣🤣 eff off

  26. Avatar

    No excess death compared to the 5-year average. Loads of cases, but no one dies. All we have is a peak that was caused by lockdown deaths IE: People who did not go to A&E, lack of treatment, lack of diagnoses, substance abuse, suicides, 10's of thousands in care homes who died following early hospital discharges (designed to free up capacity – but the wards were empty) and to follow? excess death caused by more draconian measures, and a not so bright economic future, shifting us towards the planned "Great Reset"… "Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better"

  27. Avatar

    so stupid people need to get up on this "great reset"… this is a world take over not a virus

  28. Avatar

    I really hope more and more people can see through these goons with their fancy ‘reports’ and NLP language… ignore them and get one with your life

  29. Avatar

    This is not incompetence. This is a power grab. They want a new world order, a global technocracy, a global credit system. Be disobedient and disruptive. Say 'no' to tyranny.

  30. Avatar

    National lockdown one region at a time!!!

  31. Avatar
    John Buffalo I am 97

    The northerners could had avoided this if they knew how to read and follow the rules. They have no big businesses so they should obey the rules. I live in Surrey

  32. Avatar

    Sky 'news' still trying to recruit new adherents to the Covidean Cult.

  33. Avatar

    Keep sharpening the pencil there will be nothing left welcome to the Johnson& Cummings dictatorship

  34. Avatar

    Meanwhile in Scotland today.
    50.000+ infected.
    1 death!!!!
    Wtf are we restricting freedoms because of 1 Fcuking death!!!

  35. Avatar

    We need liberty
    Not lockdowns!!

  36. Avatar

    I live in Liverpool and no one is following these pointless rules. When will the Government drop these restrictions? My bet is never

  37. Avatar

    This is a siege, nothing else.

  38. Avatar

    Definitely people should put on masks before going outside & also limiting mixing of households at all times but I'm not so sure about a total lock down anymore.

  39. Avatar

    The virus loves The North.

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