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BREAKING: Wales makes it illegal to travel into country from UK COVID hotspots

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced it will be illegal for people travelling into Wales from coronavirus hotspots.

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  1. Avatar

    And how are they going to police this? Gun-boats on the River Dee perhaps.

  2. Avatar

    Are there border posts at the Welsh border?

  3. Avatar

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  4. Avatar

    Keep working it OK for workers to catch it so they can keep taxing to keep the gravy train running smoothly

  5. Avatar

    Couldn't he just speak in English so they didn't have to do that stupid voiceover

  6. Avatar

    Last time I checked Wales was apart of fhe UK

  7. Avatar

    We are far too lenient as citizens of this country.

  8. Avatar

    Here’s the start of martial law…. sounds like what the state of Victoria (Aus) is doing… call in the army to monitor those coming in and out

  9. Avatar

    Free movement of people wasn’t nearly as non negotiable as we were lead to believe

  10. Avatar

    Good luck with that 😅🤣

  11. Avatar

    And the Queen signed this into law?

  12. Avatar
    call of duty ruined my life 987

    Why would anyone want to go to wales.

  13. Avatar

    Disgusting what these evil demons are doing to our world.
    Really they want to.milk this covid scam forever..to destroy all our freedom and rights….how much more are we going to take people?

  14. Avatar

    dont know how they will police it travelling from shrewsbury to birkenhead

  15. Avatar

    As an Englishman, in the county of Salop, I do enjoy an occasional draught pint of Double Dragon. Looks like I will have to wait till next year now. keep me back a pint or two please landlord.

  16. Avatar

    I'd better get a dingy then and it won't be a problem at all. They'll even lay on coach to the hotel. Absolute joke

  17. Avatar

    Breaches Freedom Of Movement, let the lawsuits ensue! Better bury your Gold mark u doylem

  18. Avatar

    They're doing their utmost to destroy our lives,and freedoms!

  19. Avatar

    Sky must have thought they were interviewing an illegal immigrant. Wtf was the interpreter for? Even I could understand the guy!!!

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar

    What SERIOUS (Undeniable) proof do we have this Virus even f*cking exists???

  22. Avatar

    Welsh assembly ha ha ha

  23. Avatar

    Needs to stop.

  24. Avatar

    Imagine Donald Trump did something like this. The fact free hysteria would descend to previously unplumbed depths…

  25. Avatar

    This is getting crazy very crazy super crazy.

  26. Avatar

    About time,😃😃😃only went to Wales for cup finals,why else go there!!😂😂

  27. Avatar

    Ban the Welsh from entering England too then!!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Trump was right about Wales. It's like China. 😆

  29. Avatar

    People are that thirsty for a drink ?!?

    Smoke marijuana the best option and oh F all the Karen’s 🖕

  30. Avatar

    Bad, very bad desision indeed, just about bans most of England persons entering Wales . Fairness this man says? Fairness enters not the equation. Destruction on steroids as far as I'm concerned.

  31. Avatar

    Yawn yawn yawn. Talk about discrimination 😂😂😂

  32. Avatar

    Good idea next bring back the socialist nationalist party bring in health passports anyone unvaccinated must wear a yellow star present your papers at covid check points … The future looks great

  33. Avatar

    Judicial review would strike this down.

  34. Avatar

    Haha its the hunger games 😆👍 we are all going to die from this stupidity

  35. Avatar

    People memeber names od all gangsters witch do it restrictions

  36. Avatar
    Cant think of a decent name


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