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BREAKING: Three dead in suspected Nice terror attack

French media is reporting at least one person has been decapitated in a suspected terror attack in Nice with more injured some fatal.

The suspect was shot by police while being detained but is alive and in hospital.

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  1. Avatar

    Multiculture is a total disaster for europe.when poland refusd to alliw muslkm into there country liberal snd leftist start howling accuse poland of being illiberal and intolerance!!well.this has nothing to do with illiberal.but hard reality.

  2. Avatar

    3 of them two stabbed and the other one (woman) is beheaded.

  3. Avatar
    The Devil's Advocate

    How much longer are the people of France going to tolerate this garbage? There needs to be revenge at this point. Forget about this Western garbage with "human rights". Comrades Lenin and Molotov knew how to handle religious fanatics much better.

  4. Avatar

    This horrific and barbaric religion should be stopped and world should unite once again to destroy the religion of peace
    Or else
    This will continue and many innocent men and women will loose there life
    Wake up people
    It's ur future and freedom these Islamist wants

  5. Avatar

    Islam. Nuff said.

  6. Avatar
    Your Polish-Vietnamese guy

    Religion of peace.

  7. Avatar

    By publication of cartoons or teaching at
    Public Schools cartoons of prophet
    Of Islam it would hurt the whole Muslims world .

  8. Avatar
    Tommy tommy tommy tommy robinson True hero

    Its clearly a war so let’s get our troops on streets n start fighting bk, no Islam in the west is only solution, u want Islam then go to an Islamic country. Wonder if they’ll go down on one knee n have FRENCH lives matter banners all over the place? No they won’t that only applies for blm, time to fight back NOW

  9. Avatar

    This is just the start of an Islamic push for world dominance

  10. Avatar

    Something is rotten in the Charlie Hebdo and the France People

  11. Avatar

    Why behead an old woman?

  12. Avatar

    Stay strong France ❤

  13. Avatar

    learn from china, put them into re-education camp

  14. Avatar
    Under-dog Gamer1982

    American 2nd amendments are looking more viable for real.

  15. Avatar

    How much coverage did the BBC give to the two Muslim stabbed by white nationalist under the eiffel tower?

  16. Avatar
    Under-dog Gamer1982

    And here comes the far rite nut jobs.Read comment section.RIP to those who died.

  17. Avatar

    😂😂😂😂 Didn't learn their lesson from the last time. Oh well now they gotta repeat history. All because they think insulting somebodys religion is fun

  18. Avatar

    Coronavirus theorists be like "BUT CANCER KILLS MORE PEOPLE EACH YEAR"

  19. Avatar

    Ya reap wot ya sow.cont wait for marshel law humans rights as gone from this society.people need to start waken up.goverments are enermy of people

  20. Avatar
    SadMoment InMovies

    It that was china no one wanna boycutt china 😂😂becuse everything came from china , and we see that Now , Way arent muslim country boycutt china

  21. Avatar

    Close the Mosques.
    Arrest and deport Imams.
    Confiscate all Korans and dump them in the nearest ocean.
    Ban Islam.
    Make Europe Islam-free.
    Make Europe Europe again.

  22. Avatar

    Keep giving them citizenships , housing benefits , build mosques wherever they want, let them study in the universities for free , mourn when they die like in New Zealand , support them and show some humanism etc…

  23. Avatar

    That’s all to blame on France president because he created hate between people and now hate crimes are happening one after one I’m just feeling sorry for the Muslims in that country they ain’t safe there

  24. Avatar
    Golop Compilations

    This is probably staged by the military a few days ago the president dissed Muslims

  25. Avatar
    SadMoment InMovies

    China can do everything , tja are to smart for us Idiots

  26. Avatar

    Why innocent peoples are losing lives. This is very serious matter now.it can be worst then coronavirus if it can't stop. If any one has any problem they should leave European country and settle in muslims country.

  27. Avatar

    What's suspected about it, it is a terror attack

  28. Avatar

    This sounds familiar.

  29. Avatar

    Kick out Muslims from France.

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