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BREAKING: South Yorkshire to move into Tier 3

Around 1.4 million people in South Yorkshire will face living under England’s toughest coronavirus restrictions.

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield will move into Tier 3 from 24th October.

Find out what Tier 3 means for South Yorkshire here:

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Sky News videos are now available in Spanish here/Los video de Sky News están disponibles en español aquí

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  1. Avatar

    Sounds like The UK is going along the same lines as the Democrat's in the US want to go. Thank God we have President Trump to divert these kind of polices and avoid National lockdowns.

  2. Avatar

    Dan Jarvis, ex Sandhurst Academy and ex Parachute regiment. So literally a military takeover.

  3. Avatar

    Are we still to eat out to help out or should I stay in and save lives and hopefully someone pays my Bill's for me as I'm at home saving life ??

  4. Avatar

    It's the whole country, piece by piece.
    Wake up idiots

  5. Avatar

    So wearing mask is no good as I think 🤔 as the cases keeping increase😐

  6. Avatar

    Lets ban food alredy and starve the host body of the virus. That will start saving lives!

  7. Avatar

    Misread this. Thought it said S Yorkshire to move into the 1950’s

  8. Avatar

    But gyms in Liverpool can reopen? Hmm. This ain't right, it all stinks

  9. Avatar
    Beverley Kotyniewiecz


  10. Avatar

    More Poverty, More Fear and a decline in people’s Mental Health. Well done Bojo

  11. Avatar
    Christopher Langton

    Taking away liberties has lead to revolutions in the past…

  12. Avatar

    So there won't be another national lockdown, just a gradual move of all areas into Tier 3.
    Dontcha just love politics?

  13. Avatar

    Stop falling for this scamdemic

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    When will the people, and MSM realise this is not about a virus. Control, then mass vaccination!
    On average 1600 people in the uk die each day from various illnesses. This will be another we learn to live with!
    We don’t need a government dictating to us. Taking away our basic human rights!

  17. Avatar

    Covid kills everything except the host.

  18. Avatar

    It's a national lockdown, they're just slyly locking down the country region by region to avoid the panic it caused last time, anyone with half a brain cell can see this

  19. Avatar

    Living in the area that's mentioned I was waiting for this to happen mention money and BARNSLEY Council will roll over and stick their belly's in the air ,extra money for track and trace etc they are spending up to 8 million on a road improvement that we don't need in excess of 5 million for A footbridge to a town centre that's dying on it's feet .Although I do believe Covid 19 is a real thing I just wonder this at yesterday's press conference Bojo said there was no need to lockdown the whole country be cause the rates in the south were low, am i the only one that thinks as soon as these rates start to rise that he'll soon change his mind it's the old north south divide all over again,also who decides the legal definition of a substantial meal?

  20. Avatar

    It rubs the lotion on it's skin…..

  21. Avatar

    Remember the Tory motto:
    NORF B A D
    SOUF G O O D

  22. Avatar

    Ask yourself why are they pushing these lock downs over here so near to the presidental elections in America maybe there's a connection. 🤔

  23. Avatar

    Then Christmas full lockdown
    Wake up people

  24. Avatar

    What a wonderful year !!

  25. Avatar

    This action will cost the lives of more people than save them💯

  26. Avatar
    КГБ Беларуси

    Veey good!!

  27. Avatar

    Boris Johnson is the worst PM this country has ever had.

  28. Avatar

    SLY news are lying liberals

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