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BREAKING: Pubs expected to close in Liverpool under tougher lockdown rules – UK COVID-19 update

Liverpool’s leaders have agreed the city region will go into the strictest tier of England’s new lockdown system – and the new measures could last up to six months, Sky News understands.

Pubs, bars, gyms, casinos and bookmakers are expected to close, while restaurants, schools and universities would remain open.

The move has yet to be signed off by the Prime Minister, who is due to unveil the new three-tier system of restrictions on Monday.

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    0:48 I quit my 9-5 because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  3. Avatar

    Close the pubs to stop the spread…too late! secondly people are still crammed on trains….stop the trains?

  4. Avatar

    All governments are lying to us https://youtu.be/QmBiXfekga8 Don't trust any of them

  5. Avatar

    Madness. Revert to normality living (see Alex Bel field’s post) as are Sweden, Denmark, parts of the USA Florida etc now

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    More crap from government today with media spinnnnnn fear fear fear

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    Not sure why the hospitality industry, which was on its knees prior to the pandemic, thinks it deserves specialtreatment now.

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    Im nearly bankrupt. Covid this covid that, my lemsip shares are fooked. #bringbackflu

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    Jackie Daytona Regular human bartender

    When will we get our freedom back?

  10. Avatar

    Time fir the country to wake up

  11. Avatar

    Universities have had 30% of 50,000 cases a couple weeks ago. Pubs have less than 3%.

    But they close pubs and keep universities open? Close the Universities!!!!

  12. Avatar

    More bollocks! Farcical!

  13. Avatar

    Destruction of the economy
    Destruction of peoples businesses
    Destruction of our way of life


  14. Avatar

    Someone said that the end of October, that bikers were going to gridlock central London and protest?

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    Lockdowns DO NOT WORK

    This is NOT a matter of opinion, it is fact based on real data not modelling.
    The WHO expert, Dr David Nabarro, is crystal clear on this:

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    Doesn't make any sense at all, according to ons Nottingham has the highest infection rate in the country but aren't facing any like the restrictions the North are. Just remembered Nottingham is closer to London so probably doesn't count!!!!

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    This is a nonsense and we all know it. We will have no economy left if these ridiculous closures continue. I’m just amazed the virus knows the difference between pubs that sell food and those that don’t. 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Covid is a lie, we need to fight against the government system

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    Boris can f r o

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    Why can't people see all these catastrophes coming at once has to mean something huge is happening! Jesus is coming back soon!

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    And once again the north of England gets picked on

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    It`s all about torturing us so we will leap at a vaccine without asking any questions.

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    gbhalomaster plays

    The pubs are closing and restaurant but fun and BS fact is that the bar in Parliament stays open no matter what and it doesn’t close at 10pm at all basically as if this pandemic never even happening

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    As they say in the movies… we aint seen nothing yet.

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    Gyms shut, restaurants and takeaways open🤔🤔 and mat the limp cock calls himself the health minister 😕

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    Bring back David Icke

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    More destruction of small & medium economy and the people that live with this, all planned…

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    People WILL take their lives back by peaceful means or otherwise.

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    This stuff is still going on? Smh, they are really dragging this out…

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    Why can’t they just talk like normal people

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    Finky Stingers McFarthing

    Everyone, play this song on your bluetooth speakers when shopping.

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    There turning us into puppets so they can pull our strings at any time

  33. Avatar

    Nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with bringing in the new world order.

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    This is called fifth generation hybrid war. No physical weapons are used to destroy Britain. Its done by controlling people. Tories are economic hitmen and enemies of the state within. Politicians, Media vs people. War is on.

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