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BREAKING NEWS: Protesters detain man believed to be an undercover police officer

Protesters in Hong Kong airport have detained a man they believe to be either an undercover police officer or a member of the anti-protester red shirts.

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  1. Avatar

    Will Sky News do a story on the terrorist attack in Sydney Australia ???? Man shouting “Ali Akbar” and stabbing people at random .. smh

  2. Avatar

    Are the protests going to eat the poor man physically?

  3. Avatar

    Why nobody helps that man? Where the God? Why the God allows these thugs to destroy the law?

  4. Avatar

    I commend the chinese on their restraint. If New York was shutdown by rioters and Chinese media had dozens of reporters live streaming. Martial Law would of been declared about 3 weeks ago.

  5. Avatar

    Why a police officer wearing a blue T-shirt saying "I love Hongkong police" among thousands of angry roiters??? It doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think any undercover police can be this stupid.

  6. Avatar

    I smell a set up to have an excuse for China to use force against them?

  7. Avatar

    The title is incomplete and thus misleading. He was believed to be a Mainland police officer who has no jurisdiction in HK. His cover now completely blown.

  8. Avatar

    Everyone is guilty even the press for not helping a person in danger

  9. Avatar

    Hong Kong police and government are very tolerant and restrain compare to other countries.

    Such as Israeli Police, Palestinian Worshippers Clash at Jerusalem Holy Site

  10. Avatar

    It has been confirmed that the man was a reporter of the Global Times.He has been taken to hospital.

  11. Avatar

    Well done protestors for getting this man out safely and in one piece. Whoever he was, he was a fool – if he was indeed a spy sent by HK police/China government it was reckless to have him risk his life in this way.

  12. Avatar

    A couple minutes later this poor guy was almost killed by the violent protesters. We are witnessing a new bunch of ISIS style freedom fighters  growing up in front of our biased reporter eyes.

  13. Avatar

    It is good to see people resisting the communist tyrants. Shame on Trump and the West in general for not being firm with the evil Chi-comms.

  14. Avatar

    I believe there is a UK cop whose name us George Taylor. Therefore, anyone named George Taylor must be a UK cop. THIS IS YOUR LOGIC.

  15. Avatar

    someones going to get blinded with he blue and green lasers

  16. Avatar

    Jeeeeeeeeezus what is wrong with this country .

  17. Avatar

    Who will still say it is peaceful?

  18. Avatar

    They now need to elect a leader to represent them

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