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BREAKING: Major earthquake hits holiday hotspots in Turkey and Greece

A strong earthquake of magnitude 7 has hit holiday hotspots in Turkey and Greece, destroying a number of buildings.

The epicentre of the tremor was in the Aegean Sea some 11 miles (17 km) off the coast of Turkey’s Izmir province, at a depth of 10 miles (16km).

Turkish media showed wreckage of a multiple-storey building in central Izmir, with people climbing it to reach rescuers.

The authorities said there was no immediate information on casualties.

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  1. Avatar

    People should research DUTCHSINSE on YouTube …most accurate seismic analysis and forecaster on the planet …and despite what's been reported here the earthquake measured 7.0 and NOT 6.6 … https://youtu.be/nK4H1SRDsL0

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  3. Avatar
    Felice Thornberry

    Please add closed captions for the deaf community.

  4. Avatar

    Its gift of Allah

  5. Avatar

    Islamic extremists state Turkey learn from mistakes

  6. Avatar

    probably caused by " global warming " a.k.a " climate change "

  7. Avatar

    This is not real earth quick this a artificial earth quick this is a haarp technology using by American Israel France against in Turkey

  8. Avatar

    Let's say , karma is a b*tch.

  9. Avatar

    Man made catastrophe by the evil government

  10. Avatar

    Praying for these people

  11. Avatar
    Atheist For peace

    Maybe Dictator Erdogan can pray for prophet Mohammed…. see if it helps ….

  12. Avatar

    1 building destroyed by earthquake the whole world talks about it, when they shelling heavily civilians buildings hospitals shelters in Artsakh Armenia no one talks about it all I will say, God is Great, sees everything hear everything✌🏻

  13. Avatar

    Pray for All People in earth … From Indonesia

  14. Avatar

    Prayers for the people affected by this devastation. Heartbreaking.

  15. Avatar

    Someone was angry

  16. Avatar

    Mark 13:8 – For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these [are] the beginnings of sorrows

  17. Avatar

    Everyone, are in my prayers🙏
    From England.

  18. Avatar

    Erdogan rattled God's cage and mother nature striked back

  19. Avatar

    I’ve been pretty busy. But it seems earth quakes are on the rise, world wide. Won’t be surprised if something big happens on America’s West coast. Real soon

  20. Avatar

    Sending love and support to all Greeks and Turks, from the UK, also please ignore all those in the comment section that are politicising this disaster for their own hatred towards Turkey or Greece.

  21. Avatar

    Sky News must clean it's comment section from Turkphobic extremist with their politicization of a natural disasters which is disgusting! ✌️❤️

  22. Avatar
    Grigor Martirosyan

    God has eyes too, everyone gets what they deserve, у бога тоже есть глаза, каждый получит по заслуг,

  23. Avatar

    People say the West detonated something under the earth to target Turkey’s destruction

  24. Avatar

    Thoughts and prayers for all the affected people in Turkey and Greece.Stay safe everyone.💟

  25. Avatar

    Rip Turkey 🚩🙏

  26. Avatar

    Jesus is coming soon, these are the signs that Matthieu 24 is talking about

  27. Avatar

    Pray for Turkey….

  28. Avatar
    Tibet ཞི་བདེའི་འོད་ཟེར།

    Good news 📰 support france 🇫🇷

  29. Avatar

    Look at those assh***le comments! they saw, in hard this hard times, to show ONLY hatred. Bloody hypocrites 🤬🤬🤬

  30. Avatar

    As a man I pray for both Turkey and Greece. Let's hope many lives will be saved and restored.

  31. Avatar

    Signs of Qiyamah. May Allah keep us all safe ameen.

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  33. Avatar
    Nilimini Jayawardana

    Praying for Turkey n Greece

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