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BREAKING: Major COVID-19 outbreak at Northumbria University in UK

Northumbria University confirmed 770 students have tested positive for coronavirus – only 78 of whom have symptoms.

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  1. Avatar

    Tested positive. And…. no deaths? No hospital admittances? Inaccuracy of tests? Most of them don't have symptoms. I'm sure they'll all be ok, and I am disappointed that 'Project Fear' is still being pushed in my face.

  2. Avatar

    I layed 9K to be trapped in my uni accommodation for 2 weeks. Am vex

  3. Avatar

    I just don't believe it only happens in university. The data of 770 is incorrect or there are more people with positive tests but the result is not published. Those universities are in city centre and students walk around at there all the time.

  4. Avatar

    QUIS CUSTODIET IPOS CUSTODES….. or who will guard the guards 😯 same principle, who tests the tests 🤔

  5. Avatar

    First they were killing off old people now they young ones

  6. Avatar

    Completely ridiculous.

  7. Avatar

    they got the President. The Deep State Democrats and Press have attempted an assassination on Trump by purposely infecting him.with covi. Call off the Election Niow. The CCP Antifa and Democratic party are attempting a Hijacking of our Government

  8. Avatar

    More fake crap from propaganda news.

  9. Avatar

    City University Newcastle upon Tyne C.U.N.T.Students

  10. Avatar
    Digital Electric Money

    Billy boy said " the 2nd wave will get alot more attention " Be prepared guys these Monsters are not going to stop they stop when they are stopped! … De Mask & Ante Up .. #freedomfightersunite

  11. Avatar

    Thats it lock everything down. Close the boarders and mine the channel. Im off to my bunker

  12. Avatar
    Geoffrey Callaghan

    Film your hospitals : cut and paste this everywhere ! Lets call these NWO communists out!

  13. Avatar

    Watch today’s episode of UK Column News and then watch Computing Forever latest covid vid. Find out how the population is being brainwashed

  14. Avatar

    Ahh finally some good new herd immunity at it's best and let me guess no reported deaths big thumbs up !

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    A quick summary of COVID-19 survival rates is shown below. The summary is based on the CDC table provided at the end of this report.

    CDC COVID-19 Survival Rates

    Age 0-19 — 99.997%

    Age 20-49 — 99.98%

    Age 50-69 — 99.5%

    Age 70+ — 94.6%

  17. Avatar

    🥱 Don't care.

  18. Avatar

    They hav a very sinister agenda.. Ther sacraficing people.. Masonic agenda

  19. Avatar

    the new Condon is a mask, so if it is not affixed then simple, the numbers would continue to ascend

  20. Avatar

    Only 78 have symptoms? Just how dangerous is this virus? 770 positive, 78 showing symptoms. Hmm contagious yes but dangerous? No more dangerous than normal flu

  21. Avatar

    ALTERNATIVE WORKING HEADLINE: Fear Mongering SkyNews Continues Pathetic Attempts to Peddle Fake Pandemic

  22. Avatar


    Flu season is here!

  23. Avatar

    Oh my gawd…..
    Back into the basement it is then.

  24. Avatar

    Government and news yesterday : The coronavirus is slowing . What clowns

  25. Avatar

    I never realised that sky catered to the brain dead

  26. Avatar

    Well this news is a school of thought .

  27. Avatar

    Never happened

  28. Avatar

    Good grief I hope they’ll get over the sniffles 😢

  29. Avatar

    More BS, are people still swallowing this shyte

  30. Avatar

    That’s shocking 700 🤨

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