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BREAKING: James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery has died

Sir Sean Connery has died at the age of 90, his family has said.

The Scottish actor was best known for being the first actor to play James Bond on the big screen, taking the role in 1962 and going on to star in seven of the films.

He also starred in The Hunt for Red October, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Rock in a career that spanned decades.

He won an Oscar, two Bafta awards and three Golden Globes.

He was knighted by the Queen at Holyrood Palace in 2000.

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  1. Avatar

    Rest in Peace Legend ♡♡♡

  2. Avatar

    RIP Sean Connery who repeatedly said that hitting women is fine.

  3. Avatar

    Passed away in his sleep i guess he was shaken and not stirred rip Mr Bond

  4. Avatar

    Whaaaaaaaaat??? Nooooo 😱

  5. Avatar
    Sleuth Entertainment

    Now we know where we have to turn…..to the stars, Sean, to the stars….

  6. Avatar

    RIP great man! I feel really sad ..

  7. Avatar

    I am always impressed by how Wikipedia articles changes the "is" to "was".

  8. Avatar

    One of the greats .Rest in peace Sean.

  9. Avatar

    RIP Sean Connery love peace to your family+ fans, one of the original heterosexual of yesteryear,which the world seems to want to change,God Bless,

  10. Avatar
    Catherine Jackson

    Loved him in highlander &Indiana Jones.

  11. Avatar

    I feel like I've lost a friend. Right outta the gate in 1962, at thirteen years old watching Dr. No, I was hooked. Thanks for a great body of work. Good run – rest in peace.

  12. Avatar

    RIP a true legend of his generation

  13. Avatar

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  14. Avatar

    RIP Sean Connery

  15. Avatar

    One of the best actor i have ever known, loved his movie, his acting. RIP.

  16. Avatar

    He will be missed. Best James Bond ever!

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    How could anybody give this a thumbs down…….asshole people

  19. Avatar

    This is officially the worst year EVER!

  20. Avatar

    My favourite Sean Connery moment was when he said it was okay to take the back of your hand and use it against non males – never a truer statement has been spoken – we all know that they belong in kitchen #007

  21. Avatar

    Good bye Mr. Bond. RIP.

  22. Avatar

    Great Scot and an independence supporter, R.I.P Sean

  23. Avatar

    Knew it was coming, but sad to see the end of an era.

  24. Avatar
    Jim Barr Official

    "Some things in here don't react well to bullets." – The Hunt for Red October, 1989

  25. Avatar

    Imagine politicising Sean Connery's death. Shame on Alex Salmond.

  26. Avatar

    Both Sir Roger Moore and Sean Connery reach there 90th year WOW. R.I.P

  27. Avatar
    kristian chevalier roix

    Nunca te olvidare

  28. Avatar

    Nothing less then 33 days of Mourning will be acceptable

  29. Avatar
    Some Random Wreslter

    Damn this is really sad my childhood was all about him, R.I.P legend

  30. Avatar

    RIP big man 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  31. Avatar
    Marcelino Benavente

    Sean Connery the original James Bond 007 , RIP Sir Sean.

  32. Avatar

    Well now, that was a wrap..
    I always wondered when he would die.
    He will be missed..

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