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BREAKING: Ireland to enter six week COVID-19 lockdown

Ireland’s government has agreed to return the country to the highest level of coronavirus restrictions from midnight on Wednesday.

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  1. Avatar
    Georgie Constantinou

    I have seen videos of northern Irish hospitals empty, scaremongering and bullshit

  2. Avatar

    Here comes communism.

  3. Avatar

    Ruined wrecked knackered destroyed ruined wrecked knackered ruined ruined wrecked to the power of billions,your manufactured artificial schizophrenia and television parasites stalking has ruined me.It’s called torture not a joke.

  4. Avatar

    Theres a thing called ONLINE CLASS… maybe they didnt hear anything about it.

  5. Avatar

    Should of closed schools 😮

  6. Avatar

    Can they please tell us how many are in hospital, how many died

  7. Avatar

    Ireland needs to rise up against the idiots running their country

  8. Avatar

    Who here has immunity already, tested negative twice. wont be taking vaccine!

  9. Avatar

    Irelands depressing as it is. Neverminded a lockdown.

  10. Avatar

    Well, that's the end of their economy and society…. Watch it all collapse within 3 weeks!

  11. Avatar

    Everyone everywhere fuk the rules freedom first everything else is secondary everybody fight back

  12. Avatar

    Absolutely Unacceptable.

  13. Avatar

    who misses burger king and the chippy?

  14. Avatar

    5kms restriction instead of 2kms will be vital for mental health

  15. Avatar

    funny that … Wales Ireland the EU all decide to lockdown again all at the same time …meanwhile in Sweden life is normal …the old normal

  16. Avatar

    China's laughing all the way to the bank

  17. Avatar

    Very dark times ahead for the globe! we need to fight against this tyranny!

  18. Avatar

    Was this filmed by Tommy Schlug?

  19. Avatar

    Stay inside and twiddle your thumbs

  20. Avatar
    Alex Leitch BSc Open

    It doesn't look like the disease will vanish overnight ,we are really stuck with it ?

  21. Avatar

    Crazy. They're destroying their country.

  22. Avatar

    Civil disobedience is now required

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    NO MORE!!! Stand up. We can't take any more!!!!!

  25. Avatar
    king dragonboygod

    get out of ireland now before it's to late
    seek political asylum and your freedom and independence

  26. Avatar

    ROI maybe but not just a few metres over the Border …

  27. Avatar

    They try to sound that they dont want lockdown..but really fail

  28. Avatar

    Beautiful elite sport allowed. Fox hunting?

  29. Avatar

    Soy News Chuckholds disabling comments on a video about the Manchester Arena bomber. Disgraceful news company

  30. Avatar

    Lockdown the government

  31. Avatar
    Michael Tomlinson

    Ireland is now
    Alcatraz Island.

  32. Avatar

    Be a warrior not a worrier.

  33. Avatar

    Lies deception and propaganda

  34. Avatar

    Either keep everything open as normal or shut everything down and seal borders anything in between is a waste of time and effort our government loves to sit on the fence putting god knows how many ppl out of work and so many buisnesses will not reopen but a 5km distance which means so much meeting and greetings will still happen because we now know for some reason humans just will not stay apart for a short time supermarkets open schools open colleges open creches open (with all parents at home)🤣🤣🤣takeaways open hardware stores open i mean what a farce its so worrying that the ppl making these decisions are the guys running the country nothing but air between their ears really worrying…

  35. Avatar

    NPHET and the government are one in the same. The plan all along was to put us into lockdown in the autumn, pretend it's to "give is meaningful" Christmas. Using "cases" as an excuse when PCR tests are known to produce false positives (pick up all viruses including colds/flus) the more people get tested the more cases.
    What utter lies and rubbish!!! They will extend the lockdown and keep is locked up over Christmas until January or until the "vaccine" comes along. Pure corrupt evil people the lot of them.

  36. Avatar
    Deborah Kashirajima - Jesus esta voltando!

    Absolutly Hilarious the plan is make the entire population Jobless and homeless, them force us to take thea Vaccine. Here in Brazil São Paulo – Doria Said the Vaccine Will be MANDATORY! They want the population redution. All tge Governaments around the world are together in this. Those Vaccines comes with RNA it will modify our Genetic code. Be aware!

  37. Avatar

    Construction workers still have work??I work with 10 or 11 people from different households how is this still allowed but I'm not able to go play a game of golf by myself 😂These dopey boys we have running the country are going to make a ball's of this.

  38. Avatar

    This is exactly what Wuhan did at the start of the epidemic. And Western countries critiqued China for making a fuss out of it. Absolutely mental.

  39. Avatar

    Yes because corona doesn’t go to watch horse racing … of course .. SLOW CLAPS👏🏾👏🏾

  40. Avatar

    Ye save xmass ask me bollox

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