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BREAKING: Flight carrying 191 passengers crash lands at airport in Kerala

Two passengers have died and several are injured after an Air India Express flight carrying 191 passengers crash landed at Calicut Airport in Kerala.

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  1. Avatar

    I pray for everyone !

  2. Avatar

    Ban planes. People are getting more and more retarded every single day and they can't pilot planes anymore.

  3. Avatar

    The months are challenging with each other.
    Which is more devastating

  4. Avatar

    Sympathies with the family from 🇵🇰

  5. Avatar

    I hope 🤞 those people are ok 👌 during the plane ✈️ crash and I hope those people are not dead or injured 🤕 during the plane crash

  6. Avatar

    I am apprehensive what next

  7. Avatar
    Prins van Oranje

    The pictures don't look good. Hope there the current deaths is all there is.

  8. Avatar
    Novus Ordo Seclorum

    everything is unfolding.

  9. Avatar

    I expect this from India, not a safe place

  10. Avatar

    It is all gods game common let's survive this year

  11. Avatar

    May Almighty Allah Shower his mercy on Deceased one.

  12. Avatar
    The Great and Loveable Peridot

    2020 just keeps sucking doesn't it?

  13. Avatar

    Feels like the last hour is approaching!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Allah protect all of humans..Aameen

  15. Avatar

    I wouldn't be surprised if an ASTEROID hit Earth this year 🙁

  16. Avatar

    Sympathies and condolences to the families of effected people 💔😭- 🇮🇳❤🇧🇩 pray for kerala from Bangladesh _

  17. Avatar

    2021 I am out of here
    2020 not so fast

  18. Avatar

    Very sad prayers for all the families from pakistan

  19. Avatar

    Incredible to think only 2 of 191 passengers are dead

  20. Avatar

    2020 is a sick joke.
    I'm honestly surprised only 2 have been confirmed dead, Ik it was a crash landing rather than a full blown crash, but the plane looks in terrible shape and people usually don't survive plane crashes.

  21. Avatar

    Next up my house is on the list

  22. Avatar

    another page of the saddest year in century

  23. Avatar
    fifa.m_2020 insta #roadto2kfollowers

    Me 2020 : I am glad to be a live and breathing

  24. Avatar

    2020 is bad yer

  25. Avatar

    this is why i hate flying

  26. Avatar
    fifa.m_2020 insta #roadto2kfollowers

    2020: worst year since me existence

  27. Avatar

    What is up with this year ?😩

  28. Avatar

    Luckily because of heavy rain…many passengers saved….just with injuries… My prayers…

  29. Avatar

    Am from Kerala, we are fighting Covid 19 and Flood together! And suddenly a plane crash!🙁

  30. Avatar

    Indians were laughing at PIA, what happen now?

  31. Avatar

    2020: But wait, there's more!

  32. Avatar

    Yep ww3 still to come.

  33. Avatar

    Karma exist

  34. Avatar

    Oh my god lebanon exploded and now a plane crashed 😑😶

  35. Avatar

    2020 is the worst year i ever seen

  36. Avatar
    1NC18IS033 Niroop s rao

    It’s not Kerala it happened in Kolkata

  37. Avatar
    Paul John Araña

    I think the Mayans miscalculated when they said 2012 was the end.

    Kidding aside, this is just sad. One disaster after another.

  38. Avatar

    Its a bad day in kerala… early morning started with the news of land sliding… end with plane accident ! Praying for the people of Kerala

  39. Avatar

    I flew once with air India. Never again .they had problems with the door by the wing which they strapped closed.I wouldn't ever trust that airline again

  40. Avatar

    I really wish the Outside devs would stop staging new events and at least tone down the pandemic mechanic. A lot of players can't deal with the sudden difficulty spike.

  41. Avatar

    What is going on!!! What kind of end of the world is this!?!?! I hope they’ll be okay🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  42. Avatar
    kanishka mathuria

    According to the latest updates atleast 10 people have lost their lives in this accident.

  43. Avatar

    2020: I'm only getting started

  44. Avatar

    The lord is about to return. These things are happening in rapid succession as prophesied.

  45. Avatar

    2020 is a crazy year

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