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BREAKING: English clubs approached to join new FIFA-backed European super tournament

EXCLUSIVE: A handful of English football clubs have been approached about joining a new European competition.

Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur are mentioned by insiders in talks for a ‘European Premier League’.

It is not thought that any of the English clubs has yet signed legally binding terms to join, and it was unclear which member of the so-called “Big Six” would miss out if only five are ultimately involved.

Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga clubs are also involved in the proposed 18-team competition that could start in 2022.

It follows the blueprint – dubbed Project Big Picture – that would have seen the Premier League reduced in size from 20 to 18 clubs but was rejected at a recent meeting of club executives for a “strategic review”.

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    Midlands clubs will take over ..but it won't happen.

  3. Avatar

    This was definitely planned , I assume they had a feeling “project big picture “ would never be approved.

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    ive been waiting for this for a long long time

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    pencil machine operator

    How about Grimsby?

  6. Avatar



  7. Avatar

    Well man united are probably not good enough

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    Never let a good crisis go to waste… global centralisation of everything by global banks.

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    Can someone explain how this would work

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    English football is dead

  11. Avatar

    its a bad idea, RIP Football.

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    This renders the champions league and europa league completely useless

  13. Avatar
    Andrew Harrington

    Awful idea but if the money whore clubs want to play among themselves then let them, then we can let the real clubs play football while they play Monopoly

  14. Avatar
    Farmeress Cherry Lanford

    As long as they dont bend the knee and keep sports as sports.

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    This will completely kill football. Don’t expect English clubs to join and if they do, don’t expect us fans to follow. No longer are they Liverpool and manchester clubs, they’re just using their name. Fans in England don’t want this.

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    This is great news for grandpa Vince we dont want to have to play at silly old places like burnley or brighton, us Manchester United fans want big games

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    About Things Podcast

    It is quite surreal that none of the rules by the government apply to football e.g group of 6. I guess when money is involved, there are exceptions to the rules, but the rest of us have to pay £10k in fines lol

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