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BREAKING: Chancellor unveils extra support for virus-affected businesses

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that cash grants of up to £2,100 a month will be given to firms in areas affected by Tier 2 coronavirus restrictions – mostly in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

The value of grants for people who are self-employed will also be doubled.

Meanwhile, there will be changes to the Job Support Scheme. Employees will only need to work one day a week to be eligible and the government will significantly reduce the amount employers have to contribute.

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  1. Avatar

    Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development – The Rockefeller Foundation 2010 – it’s all here ladies and gentlemen –


  2. Avatar

    I think the people need to stand up to the government, enough is enough, the last I heard its the tax payer that should be telling the government what to do and not the government telling us what to do, how many members of Parliament are suffering financial hardship 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. Avatar

    one day these political criminals will be held accountable for the damage they've caused during this so called pandemic.

  4. Avatar

    this man has NEVER worked a proper job in his whole life……excluding the paper round where he provided many old senile tories with porno mags and toffees

  5. Avatar

    Yup, best keep the country sweet mate

  6. Avatar

    The economy crashed in 2008 we have been running on credit and the world debt had now crashed it's all a load of bollocks.. there gonna reset everything!

  7. Avatar

    It does nothing for the staff who have to work reduced hours during the tier 2 restrictions.

  8. Avatar

    Chancellor admits not enough support was given…

  9. Avatar

    What’s gonna happen in a few years when I loaf of bread costs 5 pound, that’s what I want to know prices are going to go up because of this

  10. Avatar

    Businesses warn government. They don't listen. Scientists warn government. They don't listen. Public warn government. They don't listen. All of a sudden they wake up ? Arrogance and poor governance.

  11. Avatar

    Its our money not yours

  12. Avatar

    The next tier of government is the local councils.
    The council will allocate money to whom they feel are worth it.
    This is pass the buck and the net has too many holes.
    Fiddler on the roof.

  13. Avatar

    Make it rain… SUMAK.. THE FIAT MONEY , this reminds me of fat joe feat lil wayne .https://youtu.be/4dPjONDN3ZI

  14. Avatar

    I smell bullshit

  15. Avatar

    Where is this money tree🤔

  16. Avatar

    As normal Capitalism when in profit. Suddenly businesses become socialist in loss. Who picks up the tab yep muggins.

  17. Avatar

    Big businesses again ! fukc off tawt !!

  18. Avatar

    Looking after nobody but their chums! If this Coronavirus is real and the threat as bad as claimed — this Government would be guilty of planned murder here in Cornwall.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    The workers need there furlough paid direct to them not to the employer's. Most businesses that they're giving this money to do not need it they'll just claim the money whilst they still remain open.
    I know personally that fast food outlets where given money some paid twice (as no ones checked on the payments) whom stayed open and continue to stay open whilst taking every penny from the government. (this includes furlough money that they just keep or just pay half whilst threatening employees with job losses if they say anything. This government has failed to check whom they're giving this money too, and if employers did give the furlough to the employees. They've also neglected laundry business's claiming they're not part of the hospitality industry but they supplied the hospitality industry if they close then they are closed. The powers that are in charge right now are dimb wits that are blowing tax payer money without checking any businesses if they truly need the cash. The biggest losers out of this are the EMPLOYEES of the catering industry and student nurses including foreign nurses whom gave there all to be threatened with deportation. Some of which since the pandemic haven't received a penny. But yet they're allowing students to come to the uk from countries that don't even bother to check for c19 but keep 2 people married and in 2 different countries apart.

  21. Avatar

    I’m 21 and I know my generation will be paying for these hand outs. As soon as they over tax us I’ll move out of this country

  22. Avatar

    This government doesn't support it's people. That's obvious. This govt is only interested in the destruction of the economy. A 2 party system doesn't work. I mean what choice do we really have??. Only way to get the economy back on track is to stop this charade immediately, and admit they were wrong. But that'll never happen. They talk and talk but we see through their bullshit, don't we?

  23. Avatar

    Why pip stopped by dwp against me who's a cripple in constant chronic pain? On an assortment of medications, in spite of the fact that i won an ON GOING courts appeal stateing that im entitled to ON GOING pip , yet five years later, pip suddenly stopped,now i have a long arduous battle at the tribunals AGAIN ! Thankyou very much for the inconvenience, stress, anxiety and increased pain…may ALMIGHTY GOD (IF He exists) SEVERELY REBUKE the dwp,capita, atos ,etc !!!!

  24. Avatar
    Alex Leitch BSc Open

    I don't care only last Christmas or so the Government decided I wasn't disabled anymore after decades of disability payments and Im a Nurse all self aware and that ?

  25. Avatar

    All for agenda 21 !
    so much borrowing from the private banks for a Covid never isolated and pcr tests that aren’t even valid

  26. Avatar

    Where's this money coming from !? That's the most important thing. To whom are we mortgaging our nation to.. that's what I want to know.

    Also, are there proper measures to ensure these financial assistances aren't abused yet ??!

  27. Avatar

    Where is all this money coming from???

  28. Avatar

    Ignore and resist the words of professional liars. Force these lying crimes to return life to normal.

  29. Avatar

    Oooo 40% for self employed instead of the even more insulting 20%. Great, thanks…still 3 months backdated, and nothing for august/sep, even though those of us in the events industry just cannot trade because events arent allowed.

  30. Avatar

    They are purposely wasting the treasury on their own swiss bank accounts so the economy crashes and we suffer. Their plan is pure evil.

  31. Avatar

    everyone is fully awaken to the scamdemic

  32. Avatar

    Florida lifted lockdown a month ago and nothing has happened. Let us work!!!

  33. Avatar

    Its one thing supporting Tier 2 regions, but what about Tier 3 regions how are they going to be supported?

  34. Avatar

    this is a fraud.

  35. Avatar

    they are bankrupting The UK

  36. Avatar

    Where is all this money coming from 🤔

  37. Avatar

    At least we get help from the chancellor! Not other countries like us, just keep going

  38. Avatar



    Learn to pronounce


    given to or involved in making secret and underhand plans.

    "they had mean, scheming little minds"
































    the activity or practice of making secret and underhand plans.

    "his own colleagues accused him of scheming"

  39. Avatar

    So sick of the lies. The death toll from Covid is a huge fat lie!! Anyone who has died during the pandemic has Covid as cause of death, whether they had cancer, a brain tumour, lung disease, or any other disease. Some families are challenging this and having death certificates changed. Hospital beds are full of sick people, not Covid patients. Yes, there have been Covid illnesses and some deaths, but we are being lied to. This government are using Covid to control people, fill us with fear and hopefully forget about Brexit. This government is as corrupt as ever it was since Blair. Doctors are rewarded with pay rises and heavily overpaid extra work to keep quiet, whilst nurses on the frontline are used like machines to deliver hands on care with zero pay rises and laughed about by MPs when literally all of them agreed not to pay nurses a rise in line with inflation – yet again! And I am one of the idiots who voted these b***** in. If the Brexit party returns, I am with them, AGAIN!

  40. Avatar

    PEANUTS FOR CHIMPS. Basically the British government are stingy misers, who feather their own nests before feathering yours.

  41. Avatar

    2k for a lot of businesses a month is bugger all

  42. Avatar

    Slowly easing us into only state approved businesses surviving. Universal Basic Income for all is on the way, which can be taken away when we don't comply. All to plan.

  43. Avatar

    People who are loosing their jobs should thank all those idiots for ignoring all the rules.

  44. Avatar

    Had enough of this S***

  45. Avatar

    What about tiger 1 ?

  46. Avatar

    Labour are disgrace can they get any worse causing more problems during a pandemic i will never vote for them.

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