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Boris Johnson’s Big Gamble: A Winning Strategy for Brexit? | WSJ

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shown a willingness to make risky bets—with mixed results. His latest election gamble: “get Brexit done,” or become one of the shortest-serving prime ministers in nearly two centuries.

Photo: Frank Augstein/AFP

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  1. Avatar

    Boris Johnson is a great prime minister and will win.

  2. Avatar

    This man is the lamest leader the world will ever see, beaten only by Trump

  3. Avatar

    How will Brexit affect international (Indian) students ?
    I am in the process of applying to universities in UK (is it a good decision ) ?
    Please answer

  4. Avatar

    Just like an imbecile, the whole world laughing at this guy, we should not laugh ☹️ ♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. Avatar

    We are killing the sick and disabled. How is that good.

  6. Avatar

    BoJo should be careful of the USA. UK should learn from the trade feud between USA and China

  7. Avatar

    This dude is trashwhy not report on real stuff that affects us everyday people Wall Street journal instead of making fake news and reporting on bs

  8. Avatar

    Finally! 350 million a week for NHS!

  9. Avatar

    No fighting.
    Cuz you know why?
    Shh.. 🤫
    "I Heard It Through the Grape Vine"
    The Welsh help with making grape juice, and, delicious jam sans wine.
    God bless the Welsh.
    Mr. Johnson wins.
    That's why. 👶
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊
    For the hate comments:
    I'll up the stakes of knowledge.. 🧐
    Near where I reside..
    "A River Raisin Runs Through It"
    We win!

  10. Avatar

    Today's Electoralcalculus polls predict: – Boris 43% ( 340 seats), Corbyn 33% (228 seats), LibDems 13% ( 15 seats, BrexitParty 3% (Zero seats) …….Tory overall majority 30 seats……The situation has not changed much for the last 3 weeks. There is no sign of Corbyn catching up with Boris. The LibDems' seats prediction has gone down. The Brexit Party is dead. So it looks like a big win for Boris.

  11. Avatar

    Privatize NHS, hard brexit, drop all tariffs, drop all taxes. Watch GB to thrive and overtake the whole EU.

  12. Avatar

    Sovereignty is the key to freedom.

  13. Avatar

    He gambled and EU agreed to open up the negotiations – actually he didn't gamble but instead just gave EU a better offer while making UK worse off. This sounds more like pretending to win in a poker game by paying everybody a lot so that they pretend that they've lost and give you back a little – some gambling payed of that is. Perhaps the people that will vote for him should instead pull together and build a ditch for Johnson to throw himself in…

  14. Avatar

    election … and what ? traitors and rats Conservatives will be on the bench, Red Corbyn with idiots Labour, personal math advicer Diane Abbot will be on the bench, rest of degenerates like Libs, Dems, Labs will be on the bench but Brexit Party fate – the same like UKIP for selling seats to Boris – Endless EU slavery !

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