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Boris Johnson wrongly suggests new Covid rules will stop some parents seeing children

Responding to a question at a televised Downing Street press conference, the prime minister wrongly suggested that new coronavirus restrictions meant separated parents might not be able to see their children. This is not only incorrect, but has been so throughout Covid restrictions, with children allowed to move between the homes of separated parents even during the peak of lockdown in March
Boris Johnson wrongly suggests new rules will stop some parents seeing children
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  1. Avatar

    Kent and Essex – that reminds of something that happened in 1381

  2. Avatar

    Clearly Clueless!

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    Boris has gone corrupted and the countrys gone notes. THATS IT

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    Nothing will stop whats coming, NOTHING.
    You and your p….. mates should be afraid, VERY AFRAID.

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    Boris the fool , or is he ? He knows exactly what he is doing as do his advisers , right back to the covid thing i digressed.

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    Clueless. Totally clueless and it's getting worse if that's possible.

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    pavinski 中ガニ


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    Basically he has no idea

  9. Avatar


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    Computer said NO!

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    Had ten months of this stupidity, not no more, I live my life the way I want il make my own decisions, if the sheep are still following this then just stay indoors and live in fear forever.

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    Alas? Boris your more like AnAss

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    Read Siege By James Mason

    He doesn’t wrongly suggest anything.

    He says what he means you won’t be seeing your kids.

    Have you people not had enough of this yet ?

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    Who's willing to sacrifice there life to get back to normal like me? 40 virgins await

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    Johnson is being bribed by Bill Gates to do all this

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    Build Back Better. We are actually invaded. Who's going to pay? Us.

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    Boris "appears " confused…?..surely not…🤣👎

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    He said multiple times to check the website so that is a rather unfair representation

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    Boris wouldn't know anything about visiting his kids 😂

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    He’s just being logical here. It’s the parents responsibility to take care of the child so if they live in a different household, then the best way to show their love for their child is to stay well away.

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    Is this a new episode of Spitting Image?

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    The world health orhanisation apparently have begged governments to end the lockdowns, but our power hungry governments won't tell us that……says lots about the establishment

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    His incompetence is terrifying. He’s addressing the nation, they need peace of mind and not to be passed false information, especially when lives are at risk.

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    Well you should be living with your son ,then , no one else’s problem , so basically who cares nobody does pointless question ,

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    Have a nap Boris you look exhausted

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    Boris say go on the web but that to me is even more confusing tire 1'2 is nearly half a lockdown where again you can't see your loved ones again all for the sake of not wanting to pay 💰 is that not correct some one please explain to me

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    Full lock down saved quite a few lives ?

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    As a comedy or pantomime turn, Boris is a class act !.
    As a prime minister, 💩💩💩.

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    "alas" in Johnson dictionary means one of 2 things:
    i. Alas; its something I don't care about anyway,
    ii. Alas, its something I don't care about anyway and don't want to be associated with either,

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    0:49 my entire life changed with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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