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Boris Johnson: watch the prime minister's first ever People's PMQs

Johnson took a swipe at the EU and his own MPs when answering questions from the public on the likelihood of leaving the EU on 31 October, whether a general election will happen this year, and his political hero, Pericles

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    …leave your Big Zit with the EU too on the 31st 😂

  2. Avatar

    Boris when are you going to free our future prime minster tommy robinson?.

  3. Avatar

    Please ask him where eh gets his hair cut

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    The ideal option for the EU is of course for the UK to remain EU.
    Once that doesn’t become an option individual EU members will make deals. The multi billion pound trade between the UK and the EU makes that inevitable…

  5. Avatar

    I’m guessing the EU want us to fail because if we do well outside more countries will want to leave.

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    If you're so fond of Athenian democracy, why not reinstate the democratic vote on the ostracizement of political figures

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    The immediate consequences of Brexit without agreement will be:

    – Importing more expensive European products

    – Exporting more expensive UK products to EU

    – Devaluation of the pound against the euro and the dollar

    – UK compensation due to commitments already made before EU before Brexit elections

    – Less funding for UK universities currently using European funds to support research and science.

    I- ncreasing number of conflicts with European countries on issues of geo-strategic interest.

    -UK actions in international conflicts without EU and even US support.

    – Contraction of the British economy implying the closure of multinationals that have so far established their operational bases in the United Kingdom.

    – Increasing unemployment leading to a social crisis.

    Etc, etc, etc ….

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    Screw the EU and the UN totalitarian, Globalist elitist scumbags. No Deal, WTO Brexit. Sovereignty.

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    Very much like the rest of uk politics full of deceit

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    NO DEAL BREXIT for the Will of the People and Free and Sovereign Britain!!!

  11. Avatar

    Thank you,THE PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE OF THEIR OWN DESTINY how many voted Boris in?

  12. Avatar

    He's absolutely right – ho many leave votes do we need to win exactly? is this a democracy or not? Its clear the majority dont care about any economic impacts whether they are just risks or are real. You can not put a price on freedom.

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    I'm a federalist remainer but not a remoaner (sore loser). Go Boris.

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