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Boris Johnson visits engineering company in Stockton-on-Tees – watch live

Boris Johnson campaigns the day after his live television head-to-head with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, visiting an engineering company in Stockton-on-Tees where he will participate in a Q&A with staff

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    All those people standing around will soon be out of a job just like Nissan employees down the road .

  2. Avatar

    So they gave Boris a high-vis jacket and not the other person one. lol

  3. Avatar

    Is it to have the bolt removed fom his neck ? 🎄👻🎄

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    The crowd looked so impressed, probably compulsory attendance during a tea break.

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    Where is my money Boris Johnson ??? ~
    17 months no money with serous health problems and assume that the conservatives are an absolute disgrace ☝😲

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    Labour has clearly become a party of the capitals, major cities and university towns now. The fact that Boris Johnson is able to visit somewhere like Teesside which was once of Tony Blair's constituency shows how far Labour has come.

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    44:00 minutes into this video so refreshing to hear someone who isn't from a thinktank, a FTSE spokesperson or from Metropolitan Britain. A breath of fresh air. That person is the underdog of the country. We need to stop listening to voices in the capital cities, major cities and university towns.

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