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Boris Johnson tried to 'score election points'

In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Jack Merritt’s father hits back at the PM’s “knee-jerk reaction” to prison sentences.

Dave Merritt condemned the prime minister for seeing “opportunity” not “tragedy” in an exclusive interview with Sky News.

He said Mr Johnson’s call, in the wake of the attack by convicted terrorist Usman Khan, to end the early release of those guilty of extremism offences was “an ill-considered intervention”.

Boris Johnson’s spokesperson has responded to the allegations and said’ “The PM has expressed his deepest condolences to Mr Merritt for his tragic loss – an experience no family should have to go through.

“The PM’s view remains it is ‘extraordinary and wrong’ that Khan had been released halfway through his prison sentence and has long argued that sentencing should be tougher for violent and extremist offenders.”

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  1. Avatar

    Sky deleting comments that dont fit their agenda!! Ofcom report going in as we speak..screen shots were taken! Biased reporting and muting a right to reply.

  2. Avatar

    As a father, if my son was unnecessarily murdered, I would do everything in my power to make sure it never happens again, knowing that pain and loss.

    vote Conservative and take back control

    enough is enough

  3. Avatar

    Yeah his son had a good heart to help people, but not everyone is good some wantsto hurt and kill people. It is not jacks fault it happened, but because they are too lacks on potential terrorist and actual terrorist. Need harder laws and possibly execute them because there is no way to redeem these people.

  4. Avatar

    Shame, likely a Guardian reader, tricked into believing the whole islamophobia, Muslims are the real victims lie.
    No matter how many attacks they do, they are the victims.

  5. Avatar

    Gutter press Sky news trying to draw out any quote they can from this guy, trying to get him to criticize Boris Johnson.

  6. Avatar

    Left Wing Liberalism is a Cancer on the West.

  7. Avatar

    RIP Jack Merritt.
    Boris is a piece of filth.

  8. Avatar

    This man's grief and anger is being misdirected.
    His son was murdered because the terrorist was released from prison, a practice which Boris wants to stop.

    Dangerous terrorist locked up = son alive.

  9. Avatar

    The father should be mourning the loss of his son, instead he insists on politicizing the tragedy. That is seriously screwed up!

  10. Avatar

    What's the reason for blaming Boris Johnson?

  11. Avatar

    SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA don't have any problems "telling it like it is " what's gone wrong in the UK with them

  12. Avatar

    The comments here just demonstrate the sheer sociopathy of this channel's audience.
    But everyone can see that these people are just directing their own self loathing and feelings of worthlessness onto others.

  13. Avatar

    Amazing man – to be so dignified and calm under these circumstances

  14. Avatar

    The father is totally brain washed

  15. Avatar

    They come out and do more crimes?

  16. Avatar

    So how is he wrong for what he said

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