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Boris Johnson tells UK to expect Australia-style trade deal with EU

In a televised speech, the British prime minister accuses the European Union of being unwilling ‘to offer this country the same terms as Canada’ and that by 1 January, when the Brexit transition period ends, the UK will be more likely to be entering trade arrangements like those of Australia. Without a ‘fundamental change of approach’ by the EU, Johnson says trade and security talks in Brussels will not progress

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Boris Johnson tells UK: prepare for a no-deal Brexit ►

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  1. Avatar

    He's smirking. He knows he's lying and manipulating. Do not be taken in by this – 'man'.

  2. Avatar

    Boris Johnson tells UK: prepare for a no-deal Brexit ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/16/boris-johnson-tells-uk-prepare-for-a-no-deal-brexit

  3. Avatar

    Can I just ask a perfectly valid question?

    Anybody still believe in Capitalism anymore?

  4. Avatar
    digitalcareline A&H Models

    The Telegraph reported this with no comments allowed I wonder why?- So no one wants to say no-deal. Instead they say Australia Deal. Sounds better doesn't it – a total failure to plan and a failure of leadership. Or was it planning to fail?

  5. Avatar

    What happened to 15th being the deadline?

  6. Avatar
    Ailton de Oliveira

    What a surprise! Who could imagine?

  7. Avatar

    So what happens now with the Irish border?

  8. Avatar

    A pox on anyone that voted for this madness.

  9. Avatar
    Set the record Straight

    With the emergency of COVID-19, shouldn't all countries work together? I thought the learned lesson was 'together is better'😩

  10. Avatar

    Best man to make the best judgement all my best from north of ireland

  11. Avatar

    Although I voted to stay, I appreciate you respecting the countries decision to leave and doing your best to execute it.

  12. Avatar

    So no deal as he wanted all along. The UK's Trump. Are you ready for a hard border in Northern Ireland; return of the troubles and Scotland going independent?

  13. Avatar

    These people are just awful.

  14. Avatar

    A "ready baked deal" – more like a CREMATION. ( he has the most "punchable" smirking face.)

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    This doesn’t mean a thing the only thing that matters is the us election, keep an eye on that folks

  17. Avatar

    The man deserves a proper kicking.

  18. Avatar

    THAT is the face of someone selling the entire UK down the river.

  19. Avatar

    Boring zzxzzz

  20. Avatar

    Scotland and N. Ireland walking off hand in hand and happily joining the EU…
    Scotland taking it's fishing grounds with it.
    Johnson merely proving that brexit is the biggest danger to UK sovereignty for over a hundred years.
    He's selling us all down the river.

  21. Avatar
    A the Dragon of Γαῖα

    England by doing Brexit bet rayed, then Bla ck mailed and tri ed to destroy our United Europe and our European States hoping for a domino effect…and now this clo wn talk about '' friendship '' ?:))) Go to …. !

  22. Avatar

    Canada style huh, you silly goose tricks are for kids.

  23. Avatar

    I have a functional relationship with a bloke next door but never talked to the bloke 7 hoses down. How is this simple premise not clear to this man?

  24. Avatar

    This has been cut down anyway. Actually expect no deal.

  25. Avatar
    Roy Mustang Ackerman

    Maybe that’s what he’s been planning for all this while

  26. Avatar

    Why are the EU treating the UK like an enemy?

  27. Avatar

    UK will be like Island after they left . They enjoyed there waters but they didn't have the market to sell the fish :))

  28. Avatar

    Yes set our own laws as far as trade goes. Your own laws stink as far as people go. Have you considered what they need and want🤔🙄

  29. Avatar

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha…,😁😂

  30. Avatar

    Bye bye EU rules!! We are not listening any longer !! La la la la la….! 🇬🇧

  31. Avatar

    His bluffing he wont go for no deal

  32. Avatar

    0:16 I quit my work because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  33. Avatar

    Well done Mr Prime Minister, could not agree more with you more……..

  34. Avatar

    Autocue courtesy of Serco.

  35. Avatar

    WE LOVE YOU BORIS…. The first PM since Thatcher to actually stand up for this Country.

  36. Avatar

    Tell em to squat on a cactus Boris. The EU is now a dictatorship and nothing more, don't let the wandering sheep remoaners make you think otherwise.

  37. Avatar

    Boris: why can’t we have the same deal than Canada?
    EU: because you are not Canada.
    Boris: you are mean!
    EU: …

  38. Avatar

    glad the government isn't being pushed around by the EU.

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