Home / News / Boris Johnson sends best wishes to Donald Trump and Melania after positive Covid result

Boris Johnson sends best wishes to Donald Trump and Melania after positive Covid result

Boris Johnson sends best wishes to the Trump family after Donald and Melania trump test positive for coronavirus, just hours after the president attended a fundraiser in New Jersey.

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  1. Avatar

    Lying b*****d 🙄

  2. Avatar
    Reuben-James Gilbert

    "STAGE" a very strong recovery.

  3. Avatar
    Crypto Generation

    I reckon in one of the next couple of weeks episodes biden will be killed off by the rony rona…

  4. Avatar

    They both looked well to me🤔

  5. Avatar

    Well his supposed recovery was the fastest ive ever seen, just left him even thicker.

  6. Avatar
    Azzp. aka. Dubzy. Dubzy - production's

    Why dose it look like borris permanently sleeps on the couch 😂

  7. Avatar

    Thought i was watching spitting image.!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Avatar

    'Stage a strong recovery'??

    If i 'stage my death', what did i do??.

  9. Avatar
    Please permit me to speak oh great one

    This is old footage, pre recorded when he himself was 'ill' with the virus.

  10. Avatar
    KultClassic Records

    If its anything like the miraculous recovery you made boris then im sure they will be just fine.

  11. Avatar
    Global Nonsense uk


  12. Avatar

    Pity he couldnt do that for the 40.000 or so who died in UK, or a message of condolences to their families

  13. Avatar

    Can we appreciate this video gets to the point rather than be a 10 minute long video with a 10 second apology in-between

  14. Avatar

    The illness is called covid19. The unpurified pathogen, that has not been put through the process known as Koch's postulate , is SARS-cov-2. Coronavirus can refer to a multitude of viruses including the common cold. Left overs in the system from Influenza vaccine will give a positive response in a PCR test. PCR test cannot test for viruses. Please do some simple research. You might also like to look at Neil Orr's study 1981 Royal College of Surgeons re mask wearing and the need not to wear them. You must do research before following the sheep. Follow the science.

  15. Avatar

    The people who disliked this are scum

  16. Avatar

    Get better really soon.STAY SAFE,

  17. Avatar

    Stage indeed. Just like you staged getting the virus, Boris.

  18. Avatar

    99% survival rate. They should be ok.

  19. Avatar

    Biden said to US army "you stupid bastards"

  20. Avatar

    Telling him to go for the Oscars as he did the Baftas

  21. Avatar

    Speak for yourself 😂

  22. Avatar

    I’m sure they’ll both stage a strong recovery! After staging having the disease what more could you do!

  23. Avatar

    Why has your publication claimed that Jezza got fined? More shite journalism from another media bull… Outlet😡.

  24. Avatar
    Thrifty Freebies

    That’s convenient, right after what I hear was a disaster of a debate.

  25. Avatar

    Stage….. You got that right. Just like you did eh Boris? 🤔🤭

  26. Avatar

    he intentionally messes up his hair before this kind of thing because he thinks it ingratiates him to the general public by painting himself as the colourful buffoon. He has been doing it since school.

  27. Avatar
    Belle belle Jones

    Stage a recovery……mmmmm ok boris

  28. Avatar

    That establishment swamp monster Biden probably coughed over him during a rare unmasked moment.Doing the work of the globalists again.Biden will get a standing ovation at Davos next year.

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