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Boris Johnson says 'anti-democratic' backstop must be scrapped – BBC News

Boris Johnson has told the EU the Irish border backstop must be scrapped as it is “unviable” and “anti-democratic”.

In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, the PM also said the backstop risked undermining the Northern Irish peace process.

But Mr Tusk said those opposing the arrangement without “realistic alternatives” supported re-establishing a hard border on the island of Ireland.

This was the reality “even if they do not admit it”, he added.

“The backstop is an insurance to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland unless and until an alternative is found,” Mr Tusk tweeted.

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  1. Avatar

    I would like if boris Johnson scrap hs2

  2. Avatar

    scrap the whole plan …no deal all the way and scrap the tv licence

  3. Avatar

    Most people in Northern Ireland want the backstop. It’s the only guarantee/concrete solution to avoid a hard border.

  4. Avatar

    More importantly , No Deal as far as the UK is concerned.

  5. Avatar

    What is anti-democratic about it? Wasn't it the UK Government who proposed it to the EU instead of an NI only backstop? The majority in NI accept the backstop and know why it is so important. The ERG and the UK prime minister Dominic Cummings don't seem to care for Ireland North, South, East or West!

  6. Avatar

    Still well into project fear then the good old BBC as unbiased as ever

  7. Avatar

    Enough is enough. Time for a clean break from the sinking EU ship.

  8. Avatar

    The EU wont sink easily because its not a ship, its a borg cube.

  9. Avatar

    Its not just the Backstop that has to go. WTO rules OK! We need to leave the EU completely. ITS WHAT I VOTED FOR!

  10. Avatar

    Surprised they didn't play the EU anthem at the beginning

  11. Avatar

    The BBC would better serve the public by informing them of preparations to take for no deal, rather than providing a platform for sedition fantasies

  12. Avatar

    white male British conservative speaking on intra-Irish border..
    historically speaking, that is not a good position to be in..
    things like this, if mishandled, light powder kegs..
    and Boris is well known for his nihilism..

  13. Avatar

    Boris will do just fine if the Vermin Scumbag Media and Haters dont fuck it up..40 years of British Government fucks up .now we have a PM who has faith in Britain ..and your never satisfied ..well Piss off we dont need you..its a big world ..Move

  14. Avatar

    And he's correct.

    The fact that anyone is against the PM in campaigning for a deal but accepting that the EU are fanatics who can't actually be negotiated with is beyond me.
    If you can't walk away from a deal, why would they offer you good terms? Mrs May never did and that's why we're in this situation in the first place.

  15. Avatar

    Keep buying subbs Biased Broadcasting Corporation is not selling 🇬🇧 revolt is a scare in history the bull dog and msm and entertainment is bought the northern monk 13,81 11,05

  16. Avatar

    My backstop is messed up .I will have to go to the doctor.

  17. Avatar

    All this discussion ….Is it really necessary ? Come on people…War is the answer, no ?

  18. Avatar

    Oh crap.. 😪
    My, now belated, dad told me:
    "Mark my words one day, this nation will be under martial law.
    I'll fear for you and you're sister when I pass on".
    He was born in 1920, passed away in 2000.
    Well, there goes another foot up our..
    Nevermind. 😿
    Love from ..
    what's that and where?
    Peace ✌

  19. Avatar

    Boris the Spider will destroy you all.

  20. Avatar

    It's anti-democratic to forcefully take Northern Ireland out of the EU even though it voted to remain.

  21. Avatar

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    I love all British people.

    I love all American people.

    I love king British.

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    I love Donald trump jhon my ankle.

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